She Only Wanted It Cos I Had It !!!!

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  1. I guess we should be flattered if this happens, but it can be annoying at times.

    Whenever you're out clothes,handbag, or shoe shopping and you are carrying around you're stuff, that you're thinking about, Do you sometimes get followed by other female customers waiting to see what you are going to take? or put back on the rack ?

    Do they ask where you got It ?

    When you put it back on the rack they run over and grab it ?

    My Husband laughs at this, and told me "thats just how women are".

    What do you think ?
  2. YES! My favorite is when they tell you not to get because they don't like it, then you see them with it a few days later!!!!
  3. No, I dont believe this has happened, but I would be flattered if it did.
  4. hmmm, i must say its never happened to me - i must have crap taste in clothes etc... but i will pay attention next time im out shopping! :smile:
  5. It's happened to me before. I've been eyeing this bag, but at first she says she doesn't like it. A few days later she says it's growing on her and buys it. GRRR!
  6. I love it, I think it's cute....I have alot of friends who are around my age so, they are pretty much set in their tastes (they won't intentionally buy something that you're buying). Then I have a couple of younger friends who will buy the same thing I purchase or similar to it...they try to do it discreetly (so cute), it's very flattering and sweet to me....I take it as, they respect my taste and look up to me.
  7. LOL :lol: I was thinking the same thing about myself, "Gee, my taste in clothes must suck, this has never happened to me before!" :P
  8. Nooo!:amuse: ...I think you guys just never notice it.
  9. Nope, when BF sees something he knows I like....he runs like a madman and sneaks are carefully not to knock any of the other women down, grab a couple and bring it back to me and starts inspecting them so he can get me the "best" one. LOL. If he says it doesn't look good on me, most of the time he's right.
  10. I hate when people do that, but most of the people who have done it to me have been people who weren't truly my friends. Like once a former friend I had only bought a speedy 30 because I had been RAVING about how great it was. I told her I thought I was getting for Christmas and she runs out and gets a fake one on like the 19 or 20th. Then all she said was how I copied her. :weird:
  11. Well, I must confess that I have sometimes (with subtlety) hovered nearby someone holding the last one of something I want, hoping she'll put it back. And, it's been done to me too. It never annoys me--it's sort of funny.
  12. You know it's funny you should bring this topic up because it's happened to me but with BOYFRIENDS!! :nuts:

    (I laugh about it now...but it wasn't that funny then):shame: :lol:

    Highschool friends are funny that way you know...? Even some so-called friends in college.
  13. Its a good thing I don't have to worry about that now...since I'm married...

    or should I?? :blink: ....:nuts:
  14. I live in the good ole midwest and my newest girlfriend (I just moved into her department at work last summer and now she's leaving the company to pursue her dream to be a freelance photographer). Anyway, she feels genuinely able to grill me on certain outfits of mine she likes. Where did you get those pants? How much were they? on an, bags, pants, blouses, coats.

    I think it's flattering. Well, she means it as a compliment. She tells me how great I look and I just feel wonderful. :smile:

    So....I don't take it as competition - even if she runs out and buys one of the same things. It's meant as a compliment. And, it's a big, big world. Somebody else is going to buy that identical blouse. ;)
  15. I hope you are not talkin about me!. WHich I know you are.
    First of all I've been likin balenciaga way before this forum before I even knew there was all the different sizes. etc. I just thought it was called the motorcycle le dix bag. I've always wanted it but didn't want to pay 1000+ for it. I never liked the box style to begin with, even when you tried it on at susans I didn't like it. But when I saw the deal on bluefly. I only paid 660 for it. How is anyone going to pass up that kind of a deal... I didn't care what it was, as long it's balenciaga. P.S the title of the thread is "she only wanted it cos I had it." SO you would have to actually had the bag for me to have wanted cos you had it.