She makes me smile... my new pup . lots of pics

  1. She makes me smile, ive never had a girl, she's such a sweetie :smile: meet my new puppy > zoe :heart:
    she loves the cam!
    Zoe's first day.jpg Zoe's pink bag 2.jpg Zoe's petfly.jpg Playtime 2.jpg
  2. more ...
    Up close.jpg Playtime.jpg Zo.jpg Zoe's profile.jpg
  3. Is she a Keeshond? I have two, much older now, but they looked like yours as babies!

    She is just adorable!!!! I want another one now!

    Have fun with her and enjoy her. She's a sweetheart!
  4. Aww... she is so cute!!! I love her blue dress.
  5. thanks! :smile: she's a 3 month old pomeranian.
  6. oh I love Poms! and I love herrrr! She's so cute and fuzzy and little! hehehe adorable!
  7. Love this picture-[​IMG]
  8. hey! thanks danica n blew! she's such a baby... but very well behaved :yes:
  9. I love her!
  10. Oh my lord she is adorable!!
  11. WHAT A CUTIE!!!!!

    I had a Pom who looked just like her, but he was a little boy! They are such wonderful dogs--so full of personality and spunk--and cuteness!!!

  12. Oh, a Pomeranian! They are the (much) smaller version of a Keeshond! She's as cute as they come!
  13. shes soo pretty!!!
    look at that cute adorable face!!
  14. So adorable!
  15. Precious!!!!