She LOVED It!!!!

  1. Yipee, my mom loved the small mohagony hobo I got her for mothers day!!!! Finally, she has returned everything else Coach that I got her!!!! She put her stuff in it right away and took the tags off of it!!!! I am so happy!!!
  2. How sweet of you! Glad she liked it.
  3. I am so happy to hear your Mom loves the bag. It's so great when we give a gift that is loved! :yes:
  4. Im glad she will be enjoying it.
  5. awww thats great!!!
  6. That's great!! If I bought my mom something Coach she would say that she'd rather have the money...
  7. Happy to hear she liked it!
  8. That's wonderful - perhaps a new Coach convert in the making? Now for a few accessories...
  9. ^^I like your style!
  10. Hooray! You did good - I love that feeling of giving somebody something they love. :smile:
  11. Very cool. My mom loved her gift -- I got her a camel leather duffel, and inside it, I put an "M" charm (for Melody), some Aveda products, a pair of gold earrings, some ghiardelli chocolate, and some bath and body works stuff (small sizes). She loved everything !!!
  12. I'm glad our mother's loved their Coach gifts! My mom loved the bag I got her. We went to a Coach outlet on Friday and as I was looking around, some of the bags had the brown dust bags in them! So I educated my mom on the difference. Then we were looking through the initial charms and she really wanted one, but we couldn't find an L. Browsed some more and then went back to the charms to look again and we found one! So I got her an L Charm for mother's day too.
  13. That's great that she loves it ^-^
  14. hehehe...sounds like my mom! (If she would even know what Coach was...she's an old fashioned Etienne Aigner lady herself.)