She looks so scary!

  1. What is wrong with Paris Hilton? Look at her tan!!!


    Is it just me or do you also think she looks a "little" too dark?
  2. eeewwwwwwww!!:amazed:
  3. she doesn't look good at all! too much tan
  4. Yes, she's scary. She reminds me of Pink's 'Stupid Girls' video ;)

  5. She looks rusty.
  6. yikes! she looks like an OOMPA LOOMPA:nuts:
  7. LMAO I love Pink, she's hilarious. Paris. . .tsk, tsk.
  8. ^^^ I love it! That's such an accurate assessment. I can't believe that I have not yet seen that video.

    I just figured that she drank a bottle of Coppertone or something.... Mystic Tans Gone Bad.. or whatever they use nowadays.
  9. wow! that's the best way to ruin your skin, right?
  10. she's a hideous little girl IMHO!
  11. This is Paris in about 20 years.
    Too tan.jpg
  12. omg, there's something wrong!
  13. oh grooooosssss.
  14. ^^^ OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:sick:
    Hey, but at least she'll be tan right!?:lol: :lol: :blink:
  15. Don't all the celebs use fake tanning stuff? That picture of Pink is priceless. I have to go find that video on the web, now. :lol: