She kept my money and my Bag!

  1. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows what I should do. I sold a Renato Angi bag for $218. The woman paid right away thru paypal. The day after she recieved it I was checking my paypal balance and I see a dispute from her. She said I totally lied about the size and she wanted the bigger version of the bag that I sent. Only that is the only version and I didn't lie about anything. I've never had a dispute before and didn't want one, I had no problem with taking the bag back and refunding her money. So there was a button on the dispute that said solve dispute and I did. It gave her money back right away and I was under the impression she had to send me the bag back. I called paypal and was told I would have had to escalate the dispute. I didn't know that and nowhere did it say that. So now she has my money and my bag. She won't respond to emails and I even left her a phone message, of course no answer. Paypal can't help me because I am the seller. What can I do? Anyone with any ideas?
  2. Report her to her local police department for fraud. E-mail her stating that as she has not returned the bag you can only assume she is attempting to defraud you by not returning it and have contacted her local police department and filed a report against her
  3. This is exactly why, as a seller, I hate Paypal. :sad: In the past year I've had two disputes opened against me and while they both turned out in my favor, Paypal immediately snatches the funds from your account while they investigate. That just sucks!

    Unfortunately, you will have to escalate this to a claim. You can easily show that you refunded her money, but she has to prove that she returned the merchandise to you. They will decide in your favor. But how long it takes is another story. :sad:
  4. I will report her to the police as advised. The worst part is paypal can't help me anymore they said because I refunded her without escalating it. I guess I have no protection against sales like this. It says right on the dispute if you would like to end the dispute click here, that's what I did, I assumed I would be protected, but nope, I'm not. If I had escalated it I would have been but stupid me just sends her back the money and she still has the bag. I wonder if eBay could do something about( I know you're laughing). Maybe it's just one of those you live and you learn situations. What really kills me is she is a long time ebayer with pretty decent feedback and she is a seller as well. People lose their minds sometimes just to have something for free. I want to explore any possibility before I just lay down and die though. Thanks for the advise.
  5. I am afraid eBay will not do anything since you closed the dispute and agreed the problem is solved. But you could email the buyer and tell her you need to hear from her within 24 hours and received the return within certain days, otherwise you will leave her a negative feedback. You might will receive a retaliated feedback if you leave her a negative. But you always could leave a follow up feedback on hers and yous, if your comment runs out of space.

    Since she is also seller, she needs to think twice before keeping your bag.

    I know this is an expensive lesson. I am sorry...

    Also, don't forget to claim your final fee back from eBay.
  6. Awww... that sucks. I hate ebayers like her.
  7. Why on earth did she go to dispute so quickly after delivery of the bag? What is her feedback score? I hope it isn't an outright scam. On ebay boards I've read that some people deliberately target new sellers. Best of luck to you!
  8. You're item description stays on file ninety days. You should access it, print it and keep it on file. If she should agree to return the bag, videotape the package being opened and its contents. This precaution could prove useful if she returns something other than what you sold her.
  9. wow, this sucks! sorry about that. honestly, I just hate when people try to scam others so cheekily.

    I was in a similar situation like your buyer, only in my case it was the seller's fault. I opened the dispute for not received, and then escalated cause the seller never got in touch with me. she then send the bag but instead to inform paypal she never responeded to the claim and so they found in my favour. 2 days after that I get the bag.... I probably could have kept both but I sent her her money bec I just felt too bad (and the bag wasn't even exactly as described...). anyway, I asked paypal, and they told me that if she could prove that I received the bag (and if she had really gone for it she could have) they would find in her favour, although she never responded to the claim. I have no idea whether this helps - but they always state that once a claim is closed, it doesn't get reopened, and that if the seller doesnt respond to a claim they forfeited their right to argue the claim.

    sorry for the long post: I recommend you contact the resolution centre again, and then ask for a manager. if it would have been possible to re-open the claim, so it should be with the dispute. like you said, don't give up easily - I think that you have to make a bit of a fuss actually, bec they state everywhere that the buyer has to return the bag in case of a refund. just hassle paypal, in the end they may help you. otherwise you can still go the fraud routine and contact the police.

    honestly, while I was sitting on bag and money it just felt so wrong, I couldn't even sleep properly. some people seem to have no conscience... good luck and I am sorry about this.
  10. I am so sorry this happened to you, but I don't understand why you didn't request the bag back and once you received it (in the same condition it was in when you sent it)you then would have refunded her?
  11. scammer alert!!!

    omg! i'm sorry to hear about your situation :sad:
    i hope everything turns out ok...

    good luck...
  12. Never refund $ until they ship the bag to you. There is probably nothing you can do now.

    My brother had that happen with a watch. Scammers on ebay all the time. The buyer said it was fake which it wasn't, my bro said to sent the watch back, even talked to the buyer on the phone. He refunded the $ and never heard from him again. Ebay/paypal did nothing.
  13. It gave her money back right away and I was under the impression she had to send me the bag back. I called paypal and was told I would have had to escalate the dispute. I didn't know that and nowhere did it say that. So now she has my money and my bag. She won't respond to emails and I even left her a phone message, of course no answer. Paypal can't help me because I am the seller. What can I do? Anyone with any ideas?[/QUOTE]

    Oh No!!! You sent her the money FIRST??? Oy. I would contact eBay and see what you can do. We all learn and learn - I've learned a lot of lessons on eBay as well. I had a Kooba Silver Lucy for sale for $400. I had an international seller contact me and I don't ship out of the US. They begged and begged to let them send monies directly through paypal and didn't want to deal with eBay. They were located in Russia. So lo and behold, they DID pay me through Paypal, but the address was here in Santa Monica! I was so surprised because I thought I was supposed to ship it to Russia for a birthday present!! I emailed them several times to confirm and never heard back so I sent it to Santa Monica. Later that day, they finally emailed me saying "Please ship the bag to this address in Russia. Running out of time please rush." I'm like WTF?????:wtf: So I actually FIND this Santa Monica address on google only to find out that they were a glass shop that never heard of this person!!! So I call them, explain myself that there's this Priority Mail box coming to them that I needed to retrieve (I'm so embarrassed), load up my little one into the car and take a 45 minute drive to the beach to retrieve a bag that's looking real good to me and I'm thinking "crap why did I sell this?" I get home and guess what? Paypal has "frozen" the monies as "fraudulent"!!!!

    THE SCAM OF THIS IS: The buyer tries to get you to ship your item really fast after they've paid you. "Time is of the essence". Then by the time you've sent the bag off, Paypal has discovered they've hacked into some poor persons' Paypal account and sent you bad funds. You're then out of the merchandise and the money. In my case, it would have been $450!! I asked Paypal what if I had spent that money like the night before? They said I would have been negative that amount and would have owed it to bring my account balance up to zero (and I would have lost my beloved Kooba which now sits in my closet warm and toasty in her bag.)

    Never never again - no international buyers...and never conduct business off eBay even if they're paying through Paypal.....:amazed: