She Is.....

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  1. HERE!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    My burgundy Riki bag is finally, finally, finally here!!!!!!

    So worth the wait! I absolutely LOVE this bag! I too was a bit concerned it may be too small, but as several of you have said it's a perfect sized handbag where the Ramona is a perfect sized tote. I am SO happy, so content, and now I need a nap from all this stress. :sleepy:

    I just have to take a minute though and thank all the people who made this journey possible. First of all....Bonniec...without whose photos I would never have seen this beautiful bag and lusted after it for months only to have to go through the torturous shipping experience I just endured. Uh....wait a minute. ;) No, really....THANK YOU! :heart::heart:

    RobynBenz.....couldn't have gotten through this without you, we went through it together and I'm still here for you! But you will get your bag too! I was just worried they were both going to be deported rather than delivered.

    To all the lovely TPF ladies who encouraged me in my darkest hours, reassuring me that my bag would someday be delivered...

    {cue exit music here} Wait, wait!! I feel like I'm forgetting someone! OH! To my DH who doesn't even yet know about Riki and will no doubt NEVER understand what the big deal is....thank you!

    You know what though? The oddest thing. Inside my bag was a Statue of Liberty snow globe and a photo of my bag with one that looks very similar riding the Staten Island Ferry together. Don't worry Robyn....she's soon on her way to you, she just wanted to check out a Broadway show first! :yes:

    Oh! I'll post pics soon, I was just so excited I had to let you all know that my bag has finally completed her long adventure across the pond!

    PS. She smells sooooo good!
  2. YIPEEEEEE:yahoo::party::happydance:

    I am SO happy for you Stinkerbelle:choochoo: Now after all this drama, we need to meet for :drinkup: to celebrate. I am so looking forward to seeing photos of your with your girl and all the "loot" she collected along the way:roflmfao:

    Enjoy and if and when I ever get my bag, I will be sure to let you know:yes:
  3. Congratulations Stinkerbelle:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:So good to hear you love her after the long trip. Can't wait for the pictures! Robyn, this can mean only one thing...your Rock is close behind. When it finally arrives, I will have a celibratory margarita in honor of both of you and how strong you have both been through this trying retail experience:drinkup:
  4. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to see pics!
  5. FINALLY!!! :party: Post pics! We will all definitely need to get together with our Burgundy bags and drink :drinkup:.

    Robyn's bag shouldn't be too far behind, then?:confused1:
  6. OK, where are the pics? I guess I'll be drinking without photos?

    Oh, never mind. I'm working tonight!
  7. Whooppie:yahoo::yahoo:
    Now I have to go get my burgundy Radiant bag out of her nightie and admire her. I am determined not to carry her until fall...OK September is not really fall here, but it gives me something to look foreward to.
    I'm so happy for you Stinkerbell!!:nuts::nuts::nuts:
  8. Thank you!! Umm....if you haven't figured it out by now, I have a bit of an obsessive personality. Someone else may have said, eh....when it gets here, it gets here. Not me! I mean I literally lost sleep over this bag! Especially because I knew they were pretty much hard to find at this point....and 50% off!

    My original plan was to wait until Fall to carry her, but forget that! She's been cooped up in boxes, crates, cargo holds and God knows what else for so long she needs to see the light of day! :wlae:

    And so she has. My Riki and I are one with the world....she has shaken off the dust of NY and taken to CT like a native! ;)

    I've been out all afternoon (WITH my new bag!) so I still have to take pics, but I will tomorrow.

    The leather on these biker bags is soooo fantastic....I do not think this will be my last JC (it was my first)! Well, maybe with anything "exotic" attached to it....OY. I don't have the stamina.... :nogood:
  9. OMG!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Can't wait to see her on you!
  10. I'm so happy for you:yahoo:! Please post pics soon!
  11. Great news!!! Post pics!!:woohoo:
  12. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.
    Can't wait to see the pics.
  13. :popcorn:Pics!!

  14. 100_0023.jpg

    OK, technology has clearly kicked my butt! When I uploaded this photo from my camera, it was HUGE! I've made it small enough to be able to post here, but I fear a lot of the detail has been lost and it may seem grainy.

    Apparently my next assignment is to learn how to use my stupid camera and upload reasonably sized photos into a post! :cursing:

    So I apologize in advance if the pic. is sucky....I assure you, the bag is not! She is beautiful and I love her!

    So much so in fact, that I hope to someday buy her a big sister named Ramona! ;)
  15. The photo looks great Stinkerbelle :party: I clicked on the photo and it comes up beautifully. I am so happy for you and I hope you fill your closets with lots of Jimmy Choo's. After the first one, you are usually hooked:choochoo: (trust me, it happens before you realize it):shame: