she is so sad!

  1. My daughter had her purse stolen at school,She is 14 years old. All she wanted was a cute D&B bag for christmas, I paid $200 for it and she cried when she opened it up,and now someone took it. ....she also had her cell phone, saved her money and bought it herself $149),ipod, watch and other stuff....All she keeps saying is "if they wanted to borrow my stuff All they had to do was ask":sad: :crybaby:
  2. Awwwww, poor girl!! I would feel horrible if somebody ever stole my handbag or the things that were in it.

    She must be so sad :sad:
  3. I told her everything can be replaced but she said... it is just the fact that someone took my personal belongings and when you are 14 your purse is everything.I know that D&B is not super high-end bag but it's the one I wanted and I got it for christmas :sad:
  4. Awww :'( that's so horrible.
    I'm so sorry.:flowers:
  5. aww, how lovely does your daughter sound? & what a nasty thing to do! She should put up polite notices all over her school saying 'to the person who stole my purse & all my belongings, if you wanted to borrow my stuff all you had to do was ask. Now you've violated my privacy & made me feel bad & for what? A purse you can't use because everyone will know its mine. shame on you'

    I would. She sounds like a truely lovely girl its so horrid that nasty people like that can come & ruin something special for her. Perhaps she could have a little treat from mummy to make up for it a bit? a new D&B?

    Hoping the school catches the scumbag who did this.
  6. She posted signs saying "I Don't want you to get in trouble, just please let me know where my purse is at, please leave a note in the office with out your name on it saying where my purse is at.":sad:
  7. How horrible for her and I hope that the person who took it will return it to the office.
    My son's school will not let the kids bring expensive items like cell phones and cameras to school since they have been stolen in the past. It's a shame that your daughter saved up for her stuff and loved your gift to her, I think it is not materalistic about the "things" but the hurt that someone stole them that probably upsets her the most.
    I really hope they turn up.
  8. That's so sad...and disgusting. What goes around comes around. That person'll experience your daughter's pain one day, 10-fold! And when it does, I hope they remember taking your daughter's purse.
  9. Thanks so much, yea,I have told her before not to take those items to school but, she is in athletics so she likes to listen to her ipod on the way to games, and take pics of her friends during games and such, and she is always busy doing sports and cheerleading,school meetings so I tell her to take her phone so I know where she is and when she will be home.
  10. Is there anyway to inform the parents at the school that it happened. I mean, if I had a 14 year old & all of a sudden he/she had a new ipod, digi cam, purse & cell phone, I think I'd be a little suspect, you know?

    Have you tried calling the cell? Kids at that age aren't the sharpest things out there. He or she might be planning on using it under your plan. LOL, you might want to call & play dumb, "Hi, I think you found my cell phone. If you return it to me, I'd like to give you a big reward!" and then you can catch the little creep!

    I feel so bad for your daughter. It feels like such a violation to have personal property taken.
  11. She is offering a $ reward, she posted it on the signs at school, and to everyone on her My Space. I reported it to the cell phone company so they are going to try and get any # that are incoming calls and out going calls.
  12. That's so sad! I mean, you just think how mean the people are, start to steal even at school! Some time ago I got my wallet stolen with money and discount cards, I was so down, cannot even imagine how it should feel to loose the whole bag with iPod, camera etc. Poor girl!
  13. Things like this happen at school unfortunately. :sad: I hope they catch the person who did it because it's only the beginning of a crime spree for them at this age!

    Poor girl's a huge wake up call when you're that age to have something like this happen. I remember having my car broken into when I was 16 and I was devestated. How could someone do that? Life revolves around "you" at that age so it's very disconcerting to have that life disturbed. She'll recover but she'll always remember this.

    Did she leave it unattended somewhere? She'll never do that again. :smile: My brother did that and had his backpack stolen in High school.

    I hope the cell company can do something. Did you report it to the police? I know they probably can't do much but at least if there is a case file number and the cell phone does come up with something they could scare the perp a little. :smile:
  14. Poor thing! I still remember my purse being stolen when I was little! How awful. Why can't people earn their own stuff?:confused1: Why steal? It is always better when you earn it or someone you love gives it to you.
  15. Yes, the school police have been notified. Her purse was in her locker in the dressing room (the doors are supposed to be locked after everyone changes)the strange thing is ....other students had purses and backpacks just sitting out in the open and their stuff wasn't touched.