She is so pretty! My golden ... is here!

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  1. Hmm, I got almost too lazy and was about to do the announcement in other general thread.. but then I thought that she definitely DESERVES a thread of her own! :yahoo: So, fellow tPFers, my dear enablers, let me introduce you my new baby, something I didn't think I would get to my arms this fast. But thanks to Nancy I didn't have to wait any longer! So, keep in mind this IS my very first... Oops, I will not tell you more, let the pics do the talking..
    LOL, I know, the first two pics.. but they are an important, must have part in properly done H live reveal. :yes:


    The most beautiful orange cardboard box in the world..


    Any guesses??? :graucho:
    Oh, I know you are too good with these, but I have to ask! :P
  2. Sorry, my parents-in-law just came to visit, so I'll be back soon with more pics..
  3. Gold birkin???
  4. Shoulder Kelly?
  5. Gold Kelly?
  6. Oh wow the first time I'm participating in a reveal! I'm here! I have no idea what it is!
  7. Ok, I am back! Here's more pics.. Ellayplam, you got it right! :ghi5:
    So, may I present my new H beauty, Kelly 32 togo in gold! My very FIRST KELLY EVER!! :rochard: :party:
  8. Wow, beautiful! Many congratulations!
  9. Wow, beautiful! Congratulations ... entirely jealous over here!
  10. Hello streakfrite, mrssparkles, claypot and ellayplam!! I hope you enjoyed my quick Wednesday H reveal!! :cloud9:

    Here's few last pics. Isn't she lovely with my (NEW) GH shawl, Damier GM!!! :love: After weeks of hard search I found it at last, my dream shalw, with the amazing help of Hylya (luxury wish list). Thank you also dear MaiTai for the inspiration!! :flowers: I LOVE my Kelly and I LOVE my Damier shawl!!
  11. She is stunning! Absolutely Gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. It's absolutely gorgeous and a true classic!
    Many congratulations to you and enjoy :biggrin:!
  13. Nankali: Congratulations from me as well! Your kelly looks divine - such a classic beauty! And, she looks fabulous with your new shawl!
  14. So lovely! Congratulations!
  15. Thank you restricter!! :hugs: And warmest greetings to the sweet Jinjy! I hope he is doing well!! Does he get enough new H gifts here and there to keep the "old" fellow happy?? (I wouldn't dream of calling Jinjy old, he is such a handsome guy in the best of age!)
    Thank you claypot! It is still hard to understand I have a Kelly.. I have been looking and admiring everyone's Kellys (and Birkins) here such a long time that I can't belive I have now my own.. :love:
    Thank you sunbeamy! I think too she indeed is very pretty! :P