She Is On Her Way...

  1. After reconsidering whether to buy a lovely noir baby paddy via e-bay (I decided it would be too small) I finally made a decision and ordered a belt pockey paddy, in chocolate, from aloha rag, and she is on her way, due to arrive tomorrow afternoon. Hhhhmmm, I may have to arrange to work from home LOL.

    I decided on the belt pocket style after much deliberation, for some reason I prefer the darker colors in the "busier" styles and the lighter colors in the more classic style, so I may still buy a medium satchel later in a lighter color for next spring.

    I will post photos after she arrives.
  2. Congrats!! I have never ordered from Aloha Rag but I have heard great things about them and spoken to Jumpei several times. Way better to get from a retail store than eBay anyway.

    Chocolate is a wonderful color, you are going to love it!! :heart:

    Audrey's choco satchel is really the bomb! Check out some of her posts (she also has
    the coolest craie box I have evern seen!!) for the depth and variation of color in her
    choco bag.

    Mine is also wonderful :love: It really shines in the sun (see my paddy palooza post for
    pics of her by the pool, she totally steals the show, IMHO).

    Post pics as soon as you get her!! :yes:

  3. Hooray! The chocolat is nothing short of gorgeous, I think you will love it! I can't get enough of mine. :love: I look forward to seeing your pics.
  4. Congrats! It is going to be fabulous! Cannot wait to see the pics!
  5. Congrats, exellent choise..!!:flowers:
    Chocolate is gorgeous & rich colour, I'm dreaming of having one myself too! :rolleyes: :love:
  6. Congrats wildcard!!!! :yahoo: Chocolate is such a beautiful color and like LG has said, nobody does it better than Chloe! :yes: You gotta post pics for us when you get it!! :love:
  7. Aww hmwe you're so sweet! :love: The pictures taken by your pool truly show the depth of chloe's colors. I'm in love with all of them! Your group pic is my favorite paddy picture on this forum! Since seeing you're lovely mousse, I've secretly started craving one.. :angel:
  8. Congrats Wildcard - can't wait to see your pics!:yahoo:
  9. Wildcard you have made a great choice and we are glad you have joined our forum. Please show her off when she arrives.
  10. :huh:ooh sounds yummy!!! You must be so excited! Dont forget to post pics as soon as you receive your beauty!!
  11. Well her she is... she looks shiny in the photos (flash) but she is a lovely deep brown in real life. If I can figure out how to use my camera's timer I will take some photos "wearing" her tonight and post those too.

    I was worried that this style would be too big, but it is absolutely perfect, although I would still like to have a baby paddy someday :graucho:
    paddy1.jpg paddy2.jpg
  12. Wow that leather is TDF!! :love: Love the chocolate color!! :drool: Congrats, you got a really beautiful paddy! :heart: :yahoo:
  13. Wow, she looks...delicious! Congrats!
  14. Many congratulations - enjoy!!!:yahoo: