She Is Here!!ROCK And CHAIN Large Black Hobo!!!

  1. So Mr Fedex actually woke me up out of bed this AM....LOL.....SURPRISE!!!
    Im still in jammies...but I knew youd all want to see my new baby...:jammin:

    Jills official review????:supacool:

    **DRUMROLL PLEASE....*********

    THIS BAG ROCKS!!!Thats why they named it rock and wow...LOVES it..its so fun........It didnt sit right till i unstuffed it and put my stuff in it..The stuffing did make it sit funny at first.Once molds to your body..SO FREAKIN ADORABLE!!!!!If u guys arent on the waitlists yet,hurry..I predict this bag to be Chanels new winner!!LOL!

    Ok..So here are my sleepyhead pajama modeling pics....excuse the jammies.!!
    Im still not awake.....heehee..but this bag really made my day start awesome!It had a silver grey fabric lining(satin-like looking),and the leather s WAY more durable than the last bags I ve bought.VERY strong leather that could take a beating and not mark up.YEAH!!!!!:wlae:



  2. Love it!!! I didn't think I would...but I love the way it hangs...Def a keeper!!!! Congrats!!!! It looks great on you! :p
  3. I agree with Emmy, a real keeper, enjoy!!!
  4. :nuts: It looks good on you!!! Congrats!
  5. More pics comin.....
  6. OMG! OMG! It's gorgoues on you!!! :drool: Congrats!
    My white one should arrive on Friday, but now I might have to get the black one as well! lol :graucho:
  7. Oh Wow :drool: what a beauty! It looks great, how exciting. Don't worry it still looks good with jammies :yes:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG]
  10. BTW, how much is this bag? It looks VERY roomy!
  11. its tax..I paid over 2500 with shipping etc...

    Its not overly big either..its super size wise....I love it!
  12. You really do like humongous bags!!! Very pretty, congratz!!!
  13. Looks great on you Jill!!
  14. Looks great on you!
  15. OMG, that is one HOT bag - love the handle, the size, the slouchiness!! And love it on you Jill!!! :love: :yahoo:

    I love your threads!! Sooooo living vicariously through you... :girlsigh: