She is here! Proudly presenting..

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  1. This is the story of a tiny bag who travelled aaaall the way from big France up north to a small, cold country, her new home... Oh YES, the bag I have longed for a long time.. it's here.. I finally found it (with the most appreciated help of my dear PF friend from Sweden, my Fairy Godmother. Warm thanks once more Kashmira!! : )! So watch and enjoy! :yahoo:
  2. Ready and waiting..............
  3. You are too kind :blush:. I am so happy that my SA could find this bag for you! I cannot wait to see the pictures of it!!!!!
  4. I'm here!!! :popcorn:
  5. .. so she came from
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  6. I wonder what she is thinking.. :thinking:
  7. I'm here with cocktails :drinkup:
  8. As always, first came the postman with a package.. Oh boy, it is not everyday you have such a HUGE packages on your front door!
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  9. WEEEE!!!! I love reveals from the north!


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  10. So, any guesses already??? :graucho: :lol:
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  11. No idea but that's a very big box!!
  12. Gold Picotin???
  13. Something in GOLD with contrasting interior!
  14. Yay a live reveal!

    Lemme guess.. a Mini Kelly with lots and lots of padding? :smile:
  15. Yap!! And I promise it is not my new bag you see there in the box. :roflmfao: