She is FINALLY here! Pics of my Stratus PM in Beige...

  1. I was so happy to see the FedEx dude! Two deliveries in one morning, my louboutin espadrilles and this pretty thing! =) So, I love her...BUT I'm not so fond of the thick shoulder straps just yet. I wish they were just a tad bit smaller. One thing for sure, I won't have to worry about dirt on the beige as the color is darker than I thought. It's very pretty and she a keeper? I'm leaning on yes so far. Judge for yourselves. =)
    louboutin 006 300x400.jpg louboutin 007 400x299.jpg louboutin 008 400x299.jpg
  2. mmmmm i love that bag! where are the Louboutins?!?
  3. yes keep it keep it!!! ;)
  4. Of course she is! Congrats! Mad props to the FedEx guy. :p
  5. I love this bag so much. Congrats.
  6. The louboutins...they are cutsie. I got the Bruges earlier this week, but they were too small so they went back. =( Will reorder soon. =)
    louboutin 002 400x299.jpg louboutin 003 300x400.jpg louboutin 004 400x299.jpg louboutin 005 400x299.jpg
  7. Thanks everyone. I think I'm keeping her. This has been a rough shopping my Balenciaga Grey bag and didn't like it at all, got my Donna Karen black slingbacks for $250 (half off original price) and they are SO uncomfortable, got my Louboutin Bruges and they are too small...geez! (Yes I know, poor Maybe it's me, being that I'm the common denominator! lol Anyhow, my Stratus made me feel better.
  8. Congrats! Someone needs to post a picture of themselves squishing the bag!
  9. lol! I will post more pics when someone gets home to take them. =)
  10. This is going to sound funny, but this bag reminds me of something a cave women would have worn if they had couture back then. lol
  11. But I mean that in a good way. lol
  12. beautiful bag and shoes! congrats!
  13. VERY nice, congrats :smile:
  14. Ahhhh I want this bag soooo much! :sad: I'm so jealous!!
  15. so cute, congrats