She is finally here! My new Marcie in ochre

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  1. yeahhh! yesterday my new love arrived. Medium Marcie with strap in ochre.
    Wanted her for so long time and now she its here! :biggrin:
  2. beautiful!! congrats!
  3. Beautiful... Can't wait for mine...
  4. Congrats!
  5. She's gorgeous, Stitches and I think quite a versatile colour too. I love Marcie so much!!! I hope you get lots of pleasure wearing her :smile:
  6. Ochre is beautiful neutral! Congrats!!!
  7. Beautiful!! Congrats! Is the color in your pic the same IRL? I love that shade.
  8. Here a few more pic. The color of the second one is really near to real life.
    It's a very neutral shade. No orange at all! Just beautiful :loveeyes::loveeyes:
    chloe1.JPG chloe2.JPG
  9. Wow, just beautiful! Would you shed some light on the difference between Tan and Ochre? Congrats!!
  10. That is THE perfect color for Autumn!'ll be gorgeous for year-round. Absolutely beautiful - enjoy!!!
  11. it looks so much like my tan medium marcie with strap. i love that bag, it is my favorite now...i have used it every day since i received it over a month ago! still looks perfect & breaking in so nicely! goes with everything, especially chunky sweaters!

    congrats & enjoy!
  12. is so pretty! very natural color. to : beachgirl38 : it does look like your tan medium marcie. I just ordered one from HGbags last satursday. Hope everything goes well!
  13. Ooohh..aaahh... nice indeed! The color does look highly similar to tan. Would you do modelling pics with it please? I'd love to see how ochre goes with different wardrobe colors.
  14. Beautiful bag! Looks very similar to the Tan but w/out the orange undertones! I'm certain it will look amazing with your fall wardrobe!!!
  15. Love ochre in Marcie! Great choice! Can show us your maple leaf and ochre together? Both are such gorgeous colours!