She is a beauty... should I ??!

  1. Hi guys, one of my trendy co worker had this purse and its GORGEOUS!! She told me has it, i never shopped there before nor have I heard of the brand Goldenbleu, but the price is fairly reasonable, just wanted to see if any of you know anything about the site or the brand. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated, Thanks chicas!! :love:

    ps oh yeah the purse looks 1000x better in person, its doesnt have the shiny leather like the picture
  2. The bag is really cute. What color are you eyeing? I haven't bought anything personally from Shopbop, but a few friends of mine have bought really nice things
  3. Goldenbleu is a nice brand and Shopbop is a reputable store. Also check for discount codes from other stores (not Shopbop, they usually don't have any) that carry it.
  4. great deal! I would get the camel
  5. great looking bag, on it's on sale, even better.
  6. lol My thoughts exactly!
  7. It looks great! You cant pass up that price.
  8. gorgeous bags that are on sale.. what a combo.. hehe
  9. Goldenbleu leather is very nice! And for the price, it's a nice deal.
  10. :biggrin: yay! thanks guys.. i wasnt sure about it at first, now i have all of your approval, I am gonan go ahead and order it... will post pictures later, thanks again! :smile:

    ps, either the dark brown or the camel.. still debating :smile:
  11. It's lovely! They have very nice purses.
  12. Cute and inexpensive. Get it if you like it.
  13. Shopbop is really awesome! Goldenbleu is a really nice line too. I've seen some of the bags IRL. Very soft leather.

    Good luck!
  14. Camel!!!
  15. I've seen this bag in person! In the mall in Paramus, just can't remember what store. (sorry) It's really nice.

    I'm partial to black - so I can't weigh in on a color choice.