She Hate Me Movie---anyone?? (Must be Lesbian friendly)

  1. Lol ok...I must admit...this is one of my favorite movies.

    It's a SPIKE LEE film.

    Has anyone seen it?

    It's about a successful business guy, who loses his job, then one day, his ex fiance whom now is a Lesbian, shows up at his front door and hands over a business proposition . She then offers him $10,000 and asks him to impregnate both her and her girlfriend.

    I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it...

    But...after that, this actually becomes a business for him! His ex then recruits a few other Lesbians and they all then pay him $10,000 a pop to impregnate them.

    It's a nice movie. :graucho:
    That's all I will say about this movie.