She has expensive taste, she gets it from her Mama *PICS*

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  1. My daughter's birthday is drawing near and I decided to stop by Louis Vuitton to buy her a few things. I bought her the Speeding Sneaker and a Mono Cles. I wanted to buy her the Damier Azur Mini Pochette as well but they didn't have any in stock. My SA said she can locate one for me and I should be able buy it before her birthday. I took a picture of what she has so far:

  2. AWWW That's sooo cute! I love the sneakers! She will be such an angel next to mommy!
  3. Aww. She's going to look SO cute with her little bags and shoes! :love:
  4. Mich!!!! Your daughter is so lucky to have a hot momma that buys her nice things!!!! :graucho:

    *hopes Ben doesn't read this*
  5. how old will she be?
  6. Oh my Goshhhh :heart: ly lucky little girl! u're HOT momma:yahoo:
  7. Adorable! Gotta agree with John here, awesome momma she's got :biggrin:
  8. wow! super cute:love: ! how old is your daughter? you must post her modeling pics:yes:
  9. haha, that's darling Michelle!!! Please take pics of your beautiful daughter in her new accesssories on her birthday!

    happy early birthday to little Michelle!!! (what's your daughter's name?)
  10. :wtf: you need another daughter? i can bake, cook, clean and pick up my toys! lol
    Your daughter must be really wonderful for you to bless her w/all the goodies....does the gift basket include the 3 Tiffany box, LV snow globe, and JC box??
    Plz tell her Happy Birthday, and she better be good, or here's a TPFer ready to take her spot in a heart beat! jk
  11. Awhhh your daughter is so lucky to have you as her mommy :yes: Someday, she'll look back at her LV pieces and remember which ones you gave her for each year she celebrates her birthday. Happy Birthday to your little one!
  12. What a great Mommy:smile: . Enjoy her birthday(I'm sure she will)!
  13. So, so cute! That princess is going to be perfect!
  14. cute...I want to buy my little boys LV shoes...but they always mess themselves up!
  15. Lucky girl!
    I would love to see some pics of her modelling them too hehe :biggrin:
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