She got engaged at Disneyland!

  1. I'm in tears!! My BFF just called me to tell me her boyfriend just popped the question to her! He did it right after the fireworks show. This is their first time at Disneyland, and it's her favorite place ever. So he asked, "Can I ask you something at your favorite place?? Will you marry me?!" I CRIED WHEN SHE TOLD ME!! She then told me I'm the thrid person she called. First her Mom, then her Dad, and then me. And icing on the cake, she asked me to be in her bridal shower. AND her FIANCE said, "Can't wait to be your brother!!" (Once she and I are practally sisters!!)

    This was the best news I've ever heard from any of my friends. Just made my heart melt!:love:
  2. AWWWWW How sweet! Tell your friend is said CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  3. Aw how sweet!
  4. Cute! I got engaged at DisneyWorld, right after stepping off my favorite ride (Rockin' Rollercoaster!) It was so fitting for me... I don't like anything sappy, so being proposed to while Aerosmith is blasting in the background was perfect! haha
  5. It's a weird story how DF and I got "engaged". It was last Christmas and he never really popped the question. We've always talked about getting married and what not, and I got my ring and all, but I feel like it's not "offical offical" yet. I know I'm weird, but I just feel like I really want him to ask me. I've told my BFF that, and she said she understands. (are we the only two who feel that way?!) My BFF thinks he might offically ask me this January when we're in Hawaii for my birthday. My Mom just says dont get you're hopes up because he might not. I mean, he might not ever. We already knew we would get married, so I don't know if he (as a guy) realize how important it is to still pop the question. He might not ever ask offically. I won't be oober sad (just a little though) because we're already engaged and are starting to plan the wedding, but I can't help but want to hear the question...
  6. OMG I love that ride!! How perfect!! :girlsigh:
  7. I know what you mean. I was engaged before, and my (now) ex never really "asked"... we just.. kinda got engaged. It never really bugged me until my current relationship... popping the question really makes it seem "official"? kwim? although the wedding will also make it pretty official ;)
  8. I know how you feel......I have a ring coming, but I better be asked or else!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for Hawaii! ::wishes luck::

    PS Im jealous of your BFF (but congratulations!!!!! :biggrin:).........hope my DBF does something just as nice!
  9. I dont want to wish too hard for Hawaii, DF doesnt do well with anything I want. I have to tell him. (Like all my Christmas presents!) And I dont want to tell him to. Ya know?? When do you think ur DBF will pop the question?? I'm sure it'll be just as romantic if not more romantic-er (I know that isnt a word! lol) than my BFF. And I feel you on the jealousy thing. The first thought when she called was I was soooo happy!! Overwhelmed because I was just soooo happy for her. Then I felt a little sad because they've only dated for a year and she got the official proposal. Lucky duck! But she totally deserves it. That and sooo much more. I love my BFF!! :girlsigh:
  10. Aw, I almost cried when I read it, lol, I always get emotional when it's about weddings or the birth of a child :sweatdrop:
  11. I LOVE engagement stories!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

    A huge congrats to your friend!!! :heart:
  12. Awwww! That is so sweet.
  13. aww that's so sweet! congrats to your friend!
  14. So happy for your friend.....I love Disney too!

  15. Awww! That is adorable! Congratulations to your friend and to you (for being in the bridal shower). Super cute!