she doesn't like her present :(

  1. So I gave my mother her mothersday present today and she doesn't like it at all! :crybaby:I chose the musette salsa after she mentioned several times how she likes the classic monogram and bags that can be worn across the body.

    She says it doesn't fit her stuff. So I told her to try it and if it really doesn't fit we can exchange it for something she likes better. She tried it out and all her stuff fits nicely. She was mad and said she couldn't fit an umbrella or dog candy or a bowl for water for the dog.
    I told her that dog candy isn't really necessary and that we can ask for a bowl of water wherever we are. The umbrella doesn't fit but I told her to get a smaller one or to wear the bag when it doesn't rain.

    She asked me to see some other styles so I showed the site but she didn't like any off them anymore and even was kinda mad!

    I'm so sad! :sad: What do you think?
    Any other bags you should suggest?
  2. Oh no! I'm sorry your mom didn't like the musette salsa. How about if you take her to a store to look at them? Are you near a store? Otherwise just have her look at all of them again on Elux and have her try another one?
  3. Oh no! I'm so sorry :sad: least she was honest that she didn't like it and you still have the oportunity to return it and buy something that she will like!
  4. Hmm...why do you think she is mad? Because you got her something she doesn't like, or because you spent so much on her?

    Sorry to hear this :sad:
  5. Sorry to hear she doesn't like it. I do agree with lamiastella that at least she was honest about it.
  6. Sounds a bit ungrateful to me..
  7. I know, better being honest than keeping a bag she doesn't like.
    I just don't really get her reasons for not liking it... I don't think that's the real problem. :shrugs: Maybe I was that into LV myself that I didn't see she hates it? Hard to get because she had some fake bags when she was younger (she loved the style but didn't had the money back than and ever since she got married she didn't splurge on herself), she loves mine, she said she loves the monogram several times...
  8. Aww, don't feel too bad about it. MAybe she was just frustrated that she couldn't find a bag she liked enough online? I agree that both of you could go to the store so she can try on bags in person. :yes:
  9. Maybe going to the store will be better! And it would provide a great mother-daughter day out!
  10. Hope so... I just think it will make her more nervous.

    I want to thank you all for the sweet comments. I just feel so sad right now, I really could cry
  11. :yes: I ALWAYS LOVE going to the LV store with my Momma!! :nuts:
  12. I'm sorry to hear that..........:sad: Maybe you should get something else besides LV.
  13. I was worried that would happen when I thought of buying my mum a I told her about it,instead of giving her a surprise.

    In the end,she said she didn't want me to waste so much on in the end I didn't get anything
  14. Maybe that's the case: she's too suprised and even a little mad off spending that much money on here.
    Why doesn't she get we all did it with pleasure?

    -> How's LV returning service? I got the bag several weeks ago but I have the receipt and it hasn't left the present box...
  15. maybe you can return bag and get store credit.