She does Prada

  1. For the first time I love Prada. Liv Tyler makes the bag look so good..I have always thought their bags where so dull..


  2. I agree - it's a great bag. Plus, I love that she's carrying a travel mug instead of a disposable coffee cup!
  3. It's time for a new Prada - I have one I love now, so which one is this? anyone know?
  4. Very cute bag
  5. i hate their ucky nylon polyester ish bags but I looove their leather ones!
  6. Great bag! I love leather Pradas.
  7. I love leather prada too not so much for nylon ..
  8. She is so gorgeous, one of my favourite movie stars. The bag is pretty cute.
  9. Jah, she is my favorit celeb. I do like this bag thou...

  10. Yay for leather and sweet Liv Tyler!
  11. she's so cute IMO!i like how the bag looks on her!Cool:cool:
  12. ive always loved liv tyler...i thonk she looks like an angel
  13. When doesn't she look good? She's full of class all the time - her comments, demeanor, look, everything...I love her.
  14. Why is it there's no Prada forum here? And Dior too?
  15. RONJA, their fall collection is TDF. It's a slightly different direction from the norm.