She didnt want anything

  1. So we went to the event yesterday and my girl didnt want anything..Oh well the next one is in june so I guess I'll just save up.
  2. Better luck and findings next time for your daughter Fisherprice! :yes:
  3. well at least your daughter has the respect of the money/quality/etc that goes along with a collection to say she didn't want anything! great thing to KNOW to wait for the one you love! great morals to have! goodluck with the next purchase!
  4. ^^ I think he means his girlfriend. i'd love to see her collection! i bet it's tdf
  5. oh MY picky picky lol, i would love to see her collection also, but i still stand by what i said, at any age, it's GREAT that someone has the restraint not to get something just because they can, and to wait for the right bag!
  6. She obviously has not been hanging around here too much! LOL! But it's so sweet of you to offer, and to keep her in mind for the next one!
  7. :sweatdrop: Oops!
  8. Hah I keep trying to get her to post. You know she just got back from a trip and had them all scattered around the room.....But she had the camera.

    I was originally going to buy her the Kelby Slide in tobacco. Then I thought I will just take her down and see what she wants.

    I don't know why I am so bumed about it. Then again she still has her Ali and matching shoes from Xmas that she hasn't used yet.
  9. where do they make guys like you ahem?

    i sought out that collection of your girls, and realize why she would be so picky, she has delicous classic taste!
  10. Great collection. She has a bunch of my favorites!! Lucky girl!
  11. She has a gorgeous collection! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Fisherprice:

    Please tell her from me she has alot of discipline.
    Seriously though she has an amazing collection and is
    truly lucky to have you. Save the money and hopefully
    she will find something she likes the next time.

    kind regards,
  13. Ok ok so last night at work I get an e-mail from her. She found something she wanted. But it ended up being a few things.
    Ill post the new one tonight and then the rest when it gets here.
  14. Ok so we took this one home and the others are in transit from Jacksonville. We'll post them when we get them.