She did it again.........dang cat.....

  1. Can't leave her alone for a SECOND!

    Came home today to a couple of boxes and one was my long waited for "Belles du Mexique" in the elusive #14 colorway.............

    And then she must have made special arrangements while I was sleeping or something because in the other box was a glorious light blue Cashmere stole!!!!

    Thank you, Muffin.......thank you for hitting the BIN but also, thank you for not going overboard like you did LAST time and a little something unexpected in black Chevre showed up.....:wtf:
    Belles1.jpg Belles2.jpg
  2. Man, that cat has excellent taste!!! Gorgeous!
  3. ....and this is what happens to little Scottish Folds when there's been too much paw action.................
  4. wow muffin!!! you look tired!!!
    good job though!!! what a beautiful scarf!!!!
    never go wrong w/ muffin's choice!
  5. S'mom, that's it!! I've had enough!! I'm a cat lover and I can't stand it that you blame Muffin every single time!!

    (especially so when Muffin has such very good taste) :p
  6. muffin is one busy cat! D - both scarves are stunning!
  7. What lovely colors.I love your kitty!!
  8. Yay Muffin!!!! Can she teach Bailey a few tricks??? :yahoo:
  9. Man - I gotta get me a cat!!

    Beautiful S'mom!! I am lusting after a stole - just need to choose a colour!
  10. HANDYBAGS......these stoles are fantastic. I bought a Chocolate one last year and took it with me to Europe and wore it instead of a coat or jacket. It's incredibly warm and the colors are TDF.
  11. Will Muffin take some modeling pics please??? :graucho:
  12. Wow...the colors will look really good on muffin...!!!! Nice contrast to her eyes...

    She may say they're for you but I think otherwise..

    I have visions of your cats modelling your H stuff on some alternate forum for feline H lovers....

    Posting something like..."my owner thought I bought this black Kelly for her...but here I am looking faaaaaaaabulous hanging out at the local Petsmart with all my other H loving cat buddies..."


    "My owner thinks I bought this wrap for her, but I actually bought it for myself to use as a cat's sooooooo soft."
  13. that cat is so outrageous, so cute, it's criminal.
  14. WoW!!! Gorgeous!!
  15. ITA! Wonderful, Muffin! I love the light blue cashmere stole! :heart: