she deserves a debut...(the bag and the dog!)

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  1. LVpics 022.jpg
  2. :smile:
  3. How cute! :nuts: :love:
  4. That is so sweet!!!:biggrin:
  5. Both are beautiful! Your little dogggie is gonna get jealouse and nee a bag of her own to riide around in!
  6. AWWWWWWWWW! SO cute!!!
  7. My little Violet...she is right by me side alllllll the time. (she loves her name brands...) notice her little coach collar! I will have to post her again with her LV collar! (can you tell I do not have children yet?)
  8. Oh what a cute dog!!! She's adorable. You should get her that little gucci dog hat Vlad had in the blog. That would look adorable!!!

    Oh and the bag is Fab!!!
  9. How cute!!! You could so dress up your pup.

    And the bag, so gorg!
  10. Awww! I have a miniature pinscher too. She does not, however, like to be dressed up..hehe
  11. Very sweet. They look like they could become best friends.
  12. Congrats, looks so nice.
  13. Aww .. so cute!
  14. Goodlooking doggie and the bag isn't bad either :biggrin: .
  15. AWW I love them both!! adorable! and of course, beautiful bag!