she celebrates 50...

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  1. and I decided to buy Hermes silk scarf as a gift.
    She s blonde with blond eyes, usually wears neutral colours...
    I will be buying on Franfurt airport and I m thinkig about 90cm or 70cm.
    Can you please suggest, I want to have few options in case they don t have complete scarf collection.

    Thank you
  2. i would pick Au coeur de la vie no. 21 or 15 (21 -light blue with a little green and turquoise and 15 - cream with sepia, white and greyish blue/bluish grey). btw i am blonde with blue eyes, and wear neutrals:smile:

  3. Thank you! this collection is amazing!

    I m brownhair/eyes and I think that I will find one for myself also!
    I love this one but not sure about colours , is it easy to find?
    Are there only 2 colours?
  4. --Those are great suggestions--I am 52 and I have been looking at both of
    those designs! You have great taste!!:biggrin:
  5. --Great gift! Very thoughtful!
  6. Thank you! it is my mother s birtday and since I don t have enough knowledge to choose I came here for help from you because I admire your pictures since I first came on tpf :smile:
    She means so much to me and I want to buy her something special...
    I appreciate your help so much!
  7. What an incredibly sweet gesture, Nevia! I am a 52 year-old with blonde hair, blue eyes, and very fair skin. I find as I get older, some of the bolder colors perk up my overall coloring, whereas sometimes, the softer more neutral colors can make me appear a bit washed out. If your mother has fair skin as well, don't be afraid to consider some bright colors as well. And of course, anything with blue in it will probably look amazing with her eyes. Good luck!

  8. Thank you!
    She is the best mother I can imagine and she deserves much more but it is the most I can afford myself to buy at this moment!
    I think that she would prefer some bolder colours because she always asks me if she looks washed out :smile:

    What would you suggest?
  9. Go for madame n monsieur
    I find this design color way all fabulous with lots of hermes icons
  10. ^^^ For starters, let's talk about what size scarf you might consider getting for your mother. Is she petite, or tall? When show wears other scarves, does she tend to favor ones that are large in size, or does she like to wear less around her neck?

    As for which ones to consider, it's such a personal choice. Knowing and loving your mom as you do, you might see something in the store that looks like something she would love! If that happens, trust your instincts and go for that one.

    As one who has coloring like your mother's, I have found that two colorways of the 90cm "Fleurs et Papillions de Tessus" really suit me (#05 and #10...a beautiful blue, and a gorgeous fuschia). Ask the sales person to show you those.
  11. Not to veer off topic too much, but HfromT I would never in a million years imagine you were 52, ever! You look beautiful! :tup:

    Nevia, there are some very beautiful silks with blue/green elements which only help to highlight her hair and eyes.

    What about De la Mer au Ciel in cw 8? It is a brighter pop of blue and the design is amazing.
  12. ^^^^Excellent suggestion from Nico (forgot about that stunning design!). And NIco, you are incredibly sweet to say that!:flowers::flowers::

  13. She is 5'6 , 130 pounds.
    I think that she would prefer larger size so I m thinking about 90cm or 70cm?
  14. I would definitely suggest a 90cm scarf Nevia. I am sure her heart will melt when she opens it. :smile: