She can get UGGly in bed...

  1. My new Uptown IIs, complete with fuchsia tights. :graucho:

  2. That's not a bad look! Love the tights, they actually make your UGGs look SEXY! Can't believe it. I may have to run out and buy some fuschia tights to go with my UGGs, shani!
  3. ^haha!
    IT'S TRUE!
  4. Really? Hah-hah, thanks! I was just being silly. :happydance:
  5. LOL! Cute!
  6. OMG I love those last year. I was torn between the Uptowns and the ROckstars. I picked the rockstars last year.

    After seeing how hot they look on you I want the
  7. Love them! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Of course Uggs can look sexy - I don't know why people think otherwise! :shrugs: