She Boutique

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  1. I made a purchase last week with She and they only replied once to say that purchase was processed and they would get back to me on shipping cost. They have not and I want to cancel my order. I don't feel good about this transaction.
    Has anyone had any experience with She Boutique that they can share with me?
  2. I have bought from them once before, and it was a smooth transaction. Everything came in time, and was packaged nicely. Maybe you should give them a call?
  3. I had bought from them once before (a Rory Beca dress using one of their coupons). I think the shipping cost was part of the total cost and calculated during the checkout process... why would they need to get back to you with the shipping cost?

    But my order did come in in a timely fashion, as promised and packaged well. I agree with the above, you should give them a call and see what they say.
  4. I've purchased from them before. They wrapped things up neatly and even gave me a tank top for free with the purchase. They' were very nice on the phone too...try giving them a call.
  5. I have purchased from them before too, everything was smooth. Contact them again.
  6. Every time I look at this post it reminds me of she by sheree!