She beads anyone???

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  1. I just came across this ad for She beads. Apparently they started as "He beads" as worn by Randy Jackson on AI. Does anybody own these or have you seen them IRL? Just curious what they are like. They look pretty interesting, yeah, sure, like I need something else to want :Push:

    This one of a kind bracelet by She Beads made of clay features beads in cool shades of blue and greens, including a palm tree bead that gives it a tropical look! A variety of colors are combined making this a very special bracelet in an array of colors. Beads are enhanced with sterling silver spacers from Bali. It is sure to be a favorite. She Beads are so easy to wear simply by sliding it on your wrist. Collect She Beads for a unique one of a kind jewelry wardrobe with an artistic flair.

  2. Seriously? Am I the only one who has seen these? Nobody actually owns any?
  3. I have several pieces from the SheBeads line. The owner / designer actually lives in Chicago. I really like them. I also, like the fact that many of her pieces have different color caancer ribbons on them and a percentage of those pieces go to that particular cancer research.
  4. These remind me of Viva Beads.:yes: They are made of clay too and very $$$ friendly!!! The store I usually bought my Trollbeads from carries the Viva stuff also. check out
  5. The She Beads picture at the top came from and was taken by my web photographer. I write the text for each of the SheBeads bracelets as as it is described above.

    She Beads has incredible detail on each polymer bead that is baked. Since they are not painted, the design will never crack or chip. Some designs are seasonal and retire after one season. If you want to see more SheBeads and a video on how SheBeads are made, go to and click on the SheBeads category.

    I've met the creator of SheBeads - Sandy - she is a very dynamic and creative person.
  6. Yay!! I had forgotten all about this thread since I never got any responses :sad: I thought, hmmm....guess I'm the ONLY one that found them interesting. Thanks for proving me wrong! I'm sure it won't be long before I have one of these too!! :sweatdrop:
  7. I have several She Beads bracelets. They're comfortable to wear since they slide on. There is incredible detail on each bead.

    In fact, I sometimes wear one with my Pandora bracelet. The sterling silver spacers on She Beads coordinates nicely with Pandora bracelets with similar spacer type beads.

    The video on shows you how they're made - It will really give you an appreciation of how labor intensive it is.

    A thin slice is cut then several slices are rolled onto a base polymer bead. Some beads will have six different designs on the bead giving it a patchwork look. Study each bead to really appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into it.

    You'll be supporting the American economy because She Beads are manufactured in the U.S. - in the Chicago area.
  8. Fabulous!! What better reason to buy could there possibly be?!?!? Time to shop!! :tup:
  9. What on earth!?!?!? Thanks a bundle charm queen!! That website is like sending an alcoholic to an open bar!! I am soooo in trouble!! Hmmm....Maybe while I am at work, I should actually WORK! :confused1: Somebody needs to pay for all this stuff!!! :sweatdrop:
  10. Because of this thread, I'm now looking at getting one of these bracelets, but I was wondering what age group usually wears these. Are these "ageless" or would you think of a "thirtysomething" or younger wearing them? I'm probably not as hip or trendy as some, but I think they would look great with a casual T-shirt and jeans.
  11. Well, I'm 44 and I wear anything! Well, maybe not ANYTHING, but, I think these are "ageless" for sure! I think they will look so pretty layered with some of my silver pieces.
  12. Thanks! I recognize your name from the Pandora forum. I have that love, too! So now to figure out what colors/sizes of the She Beads I should get.:P

  13. She Beads are for any age. I've seen on them on teens and up. Several of my senior citizen customers like them because they are easy to slide on without having to fasten a clasp.

    Really study the detail on each bead to appreciate the workmanship on these beads.

    They do look great with jeans. I wear a lot of black and white so I have a few black and white bracelets. Purple is my favorite color - the owner of She Beads gave me a purple one with Swarovski crystals as a gift that I cherish.
  14. Charmqueen, I noticed that the bracelets come in S, M, L, etc. sizing. I'm probably between a M & L. Are the bracelets pretty forgiving if I order the wrong size. I don't have a store close enough to just pop in and try them on.

  15. Yes, the bracelets are pretty forgiving. If you're not sure between the medium & large, it would depend whether you like to wear your bracelets on the loose side or more fitted.

    Would love to see what you purchased. Post a picture!