She Arrived a Day Early!

  1. Here's what my SA surprised me with last Saturday -- 35cm Chartreuse Clemence Birkin PHW, with Early America scarf.

  2. congratulations! Use it in good health. I love green bags.
  3. Wow, congrats! So gorgeous and perfect with the scarf! :nuts:
  4. Beautiful bag, Millstream, you can really "stage" a picture!
  5. Millstream those are beautiful!!
  6. chartreuse:nuts: :yahoo:
  7. I adore chartreuse clemence - congrats!!
  8. love the green. that's what i want next.

  9. Oh, I love green bag toooooo :yahoo: :heart:
  10. I'm losing track of your recent H bag arrivals, Millstream. Remind me, please.

    But before you do ....

  11. What a fabulous color!!!! I love it!
  12. Wow!! Congrats!!
  13. Congrats!!! The color is so beautiful!
    I would love to see your modeling pics!!

    Could you PM me how much it was in you don't mind?(I'm trying to get togo or clemence..)
  14. It's just perfect, congratulations!!
  15. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I'm a green convert, myself and this one is just gorgeous!!!! AND I love this colorway of "America"!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!