she ain't no flop ~ come see her ~ & madge & petal too......................

  1. well she's here atlast ~ :sweatdrop: ~ & i :heart::heart::heart: her! ~ she is quite a camelion in that it really is difficult to capture her true colour on film ~ i did my best ~ what with a camera that's on her last legs ~ gail force winds & an old gardening towel ~ :wtf: ~ all will be revealed......................
  2. I love both... Congrats :tup:
  3. a few more with sisters madge :love: & petal.......................
  4. & to you may! ~ xx ~ are you relieved? ~ i am sooooooooo relieved i think the colour is sooooo gorgy :love: ~ you've just gotta see them for yourself IRL!!!! ~ :flowers:
  5. OMG!!! I love the way it looks in this picture!!!
  6. congrats on all your new bags!! i love them all especially the EB!!!
  7. Very striking! Congratulations on all of them!
  8. Wow, what a striking color! Big congrats!!! :tup:
  9. thanx girls! ~ i've never watermarked before & i've not done it very successfully ~ lol! ~ was just trying to get some outside pics of eb on tpf as quickly as poss ~ as i've been so anxious about seeing some myself!
  10. pic 1 best represents eb's true colour ~ i wanted to take the pics outside as indoors she does look darker but i :heart:~ed her the minute she came out the dustbag ~ lol!

    pic 4 is the only one i took with the flash on & it is not a true representation of her colour ~ but from this i can see why a lot of tpfr's think she's similar to fb ~ v
  11. What a lovely party of 3!!! Love the sisters!!! EB is such a POP of colour!!!
  12. WOW~ I love your collection of blue and pinks! Your EB looks so pretty CONGRATS
  13. Yup me too... First thing I did when I arrived to my room was matching her with my outfit... and now I am totally in love with no doubt :yahoo:
  14. Hmm viki.. may I ask how much it costs you for EB City RH? I thought it supposed to be 735, but I got it at 705. Is this new price for City RH?
  15. Wow, those three colors are so stunning together!!! Congrats on your beautiful s/s 08 purchases!!