Shd I get this Off-White Lady Braid


Should I get the Lady Braid or Beige Jumbo Lambskin? Thanks all.

  1. Off-White Lady Braid - Can only put limited things

  2. Beige Lambskin Jumbo - Can put a lot more things

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  1. Should I get this Off-White Lady Braid? I'm contemplating between this and a Beige Lambskin Jumbo.
    DSC00094.JPG DSC00095.JPG
  2. ^i can't see the pictures and i'm DYING to! i've been waiting to see the off-white lady braid bc i've only heard of it.
    can you post the pics using the attachments?
  3. Btw, this is Light Gold Hardware, just that the HW appears silver in the pics.
  4. I think it would depend on what you already have. Chanel is so expensive (to me) that, since I have a jumbo black caviar, I would want my next bag to be different. KWIM?

    PS That is one gorgeous bag though.
  5. This is beautiful... looks buttery soft.
    Difficult choice to make. The jumbo is very practical...but it will always be around to purchase later.

    I have this style in lambskin (from 3 yrs ago I think)but without the braided strap of course, mine has the mademoiselle turnlock. If it is the same style (with the separate compartment in front) fits my long wallet, phone, keys, lipglosses. The front pouch fits a little 'makeup size' bag tht I use to carry small bottle of benadryl and 2 epipens (kids allergy stuff) The front part looks better stuffed.

    This bag is so beautiful.... wish it came in red.
  6. oh, thank you! i love the lady braid flap and the off-white is so pretty. i think it makes it a very year-round bag!
    i'm going to vote for the lady braid bc you can get the jumbo lambskin later!
  7. omg what a gorgeous bags.. i seriously dont know!!
  8. They're are both so beautiful. I think I might go with the braid on this one if I already had another flap bag. I tend to need bigger bags that hold more and probably wouldn't use the braid as often but it's so nice.

    Tough decision. Good luck.
  9. The lady braid flap is HOT!
  10. yes! the leather looks buttery soft and the off white colour is just gorgeous! plus i think the light gold hardware sounds like it compliments the off white leather nicely.
  11. The lady braid is so beautiful!!
  12. my vote goes to the lady braid not only because it is absolutely gorgeous, but also because you can purchase the classic flap any time your hear desires. LADY BRAID!!!!
  13. The lady braid is gorgeous, and the color is TDF. Go for it. Get the classic jumbo later. Although you can't put as much stuff in it, its worth leaving behind a few items.
  14. Thank you so much for all the comments and opinions. Keep them coming.
  15. the bag, not sure about the come it looks so beige in the pictures? Is it more white IRL?