Shd I get this necklace?


Shd I buy this necklace?

  1. Yes, buy.

  2. No, forget it.

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  1. Hi, can I have your opinion as to whether I shd get this necklace? How else can one match a blue necklace???:confused1:

    DSC00649a.JPG DSC00650a.JPG
  2. I think it is cute. But I would rather get the plain pearl one with 2 cc. :yes:
  3. I love blue, and I love a long necklace. it looks like it has one CC charm on it? Another PF'er has this same one but in shorter style, I think it's very pretty. But if blue is not a color you prefer, then skip it.

    How much is it? I can't vote till I know the price :smile:
  4. Ohhh, I LOVE this necklace!!! :heart: :heart: I have it, but in the shorter version (here's a pic I posted in my thead: I never saw the longer one (how much is it?), but anyway, I already have other long ones. :p I think it would look great with jeans, against white, etc.... and it's unique and pretty, so I would get it (assuming it's something like $695 or $795) if I were you! :smile:
    Edited to add: Is there only one Chanel logo? Hmm, if so, then maybe the shorter version is better (with the longer length, two logo's might look nicer). :heart:
  5. Blue is my favorite color, and it's really pretty. So for me, this is perfect.
  6. i think it's really pretty. it would really depend on what is the price for it.
  7. Its singapore $1270, so it works out ot be about USD830.
  8. It has 2 cc logos, the other is blocked by my hand. I have this pic which shows the 2nd logo, but its not as clear.
  9. it's really cute on you, with what you have on now. where did you get that cute top anyway??
  10. I think it looks very nice along w/ what you're wearing in the pictures....but fieryfashionist is can wear it w/ jeans or against any top....btw, I love your outfit :smile:
  11. Thank you. The top is from Jil Sander from the last season.
  12. yea get really looks fab on you!!
  13. it's cute but I'd rather get the pearl necklace for that price so it's a no for me :shrugs:
  14. Wow the whole outfit is adorable. I say get it!
  15. I prefer the pearl necklace IMO it's timeless ...