shay's babies!

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  1. #1 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    :yahoo:Hello ladies! The time has finally arrived that I post pics of my lovely, yet itty bitty loubie collection! this is only my 2nd time posting pics :sweatdrop: (posted a pair of manolos in manolo thread) so if u all would kindly excuse the dirty mirror, ashy, hairy legs, and poor photography lol. Shout out to niccig :tup: for directing me to the SCP for my perfect fuxia suedes that I've been searching for! as for the armadillos, lovely shoes but I got a bit of foot luv handles hanging over the sides. MIA: blk patent vp's in the car and its 2am now so they'll make an appearance when i do a family shot! oh and thanx to all the TPF ladies who kept encouraging me not to break down and settle for the fuxia suede ron rons but to "search for the declics, they'll eventually pop up somewhere".

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  2. It might be a small collection but it's absolutely beautiful - nothing I wouldn't love to own :drool: Congrats!
  3. Beautiful!!! I love your armadillos, hugely! :heart:
  4. Looks like your collection is off to a fantastic tart! You have a lovely collection. Love the armadillos!
  5. I LOVE the armadillos! You have a gorgeous collection so far!
  6. Great little collection!
  7. Amazing!!!! They are so gorgeous!!!!! What a stunning collection!
  8. Very pretty start to a much larger collection, I'm sure.
  9. Those are such pretty Armadillos and the pink just TDF! Great collection.
  10. Pretty colors! Great choices!
  11. taydev, congrats! They're both adorable!!!
  12. Love them both! :heart:
  13. I really love both pairs- the Armadillos are so stunning and unique, and the fuchsia Declic looks great on you! congrats! :smile:
  14. LOVE those declics! beautiful CLs! you're off to a beautiful start, taydev!!!
  15. Great choices!! I love them both! I still want some multi-blue armadillo's! At this point, I think I will pray that they go on sale eventually.