Shawls - Which ones are the LEAST delicate??

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  1. I'm looking into buying my first LV shawl. I already have a couple squares and love them all but I need something thicker.

    Which ones are the least delicate? (I'm a Mom of two younger kids... Urg I know thats a risk).
    I'm thinking about the Monogram Denim in black.
    I want something simple, just the monogram but no additional print.
  2. I have several and I find that the Shine Shawl (mine is brown so matches Mono bags perfectly) is the least delicate. I have 2 small kids as well and the main thing to watch out for is VELCRO, that damn thing is all over kids' clothes and it just kills my clothes :biggrin:.
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  3. My SA & I have a good relationship. She knows what I like & how I like my things. During my last visit I was talking to her how I wanted to get my first shawl. She looked at me & told me how it is very delicate & that I will not be able to enjoy it. However, she recommended a bandeau instead.
  4. None of the LV shawls are what I would call durable by any stretch of the imagination but the one that's the least delicate would be the Shine Shawl. As another member mentioned, watch out for velcro as clothing for younger kids is often covered in the stuff for simplicity as well as dangling earrings, rings, etc. All of that can easily get caught and cause the threads to pull or tear...that's if you're lucky and your kids don't off the shawl first via some bodily function/by-product among other devious methods of torture.
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  5. I have several "cashmere / silk / cotton / wool" blend scarfs and stoles from Louis Vuitton and they are somewhat delicate indeed. My stubble might pull threads from some of them very easily. The most resistant ones in my opinion are those made of 100% silk "à la" traditional square. If you go for a shawl, just be okay that it will eventually show some wear.
  6. Shine shawl as others mentioned. But as others mentioned it is still very delicate.
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  7. Thanks ladies, I appreciate everyones input.

    I got a shine shawl in beige and the Denim shawl in black because I just couldn't decide which one to get, and plan on mostly wearing them when kids are in Kindergarten & Day Care or during date nights.
    I'm very happy as I already love both shawls so much :smile: