Shawl vs wallet vs...wait?

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  1. I've created an unnecessary dilemma by liking the following:

    -monogram shawl in midnight blue or shine shawl in navy
    -sarah wallet nm3 (anyone know if this will come out in DE sometime soon?)
    -Hermes clic H bracelet in black enamel and silver

    Or I could just hold off and wait till it's an absolute want? I did wait till I felt a strong pull towards the items I have in my collection. But I've also liked the above three items for awhile now, just haven't pulled the trigger and gotten them. It may be the price increases talking right now (though I've totally missed beating the H price increase by the looks of it).

  2. If you can, go to the store and hold the items in your hand. If I'm holding it in my hand and don't feel a strong urge to buy-- I know it's not meant to be. That's why I can never go to the store to just "look" :smile: . Good luck with your decision!!
  3. I would say wait. We are always going to have these dilemmas and when you sleep on it for a day or two or a few weeks, you know you really want it and its not an impulsive purchase. Good luck!
  4. This is true. I may be being impulsive just because I find the items pretty.

    I'll go in again and check them all out this weekend. It has to be love. I'm disliking the selling/giving away "mistakes".
  5. I vote SHAWL ;) Because it's what I want soooo bad. hehe
  6. Wallet cause it's the most useful.
  7. I would go with the wallet
    though I don't know about the ebene maybe but not right now
  8. I would get the wallet. I love the h bracelets but a lot of $ for enamel and gold plating.
  9. The wallet would be the most useful item, but I think I'm hesitant because I don't want a monogram wallet.
  10. I'm with you. I really do my research and take my time prior to all purchases now. I don't like it when I get something and it doesn't turn out as expected. I don't mind selling something that I'm just not using but I do not like losing $ on it and that's what happens because of the fee you have to pay to sell.

    Great idea to go to the Boutique and look at them all again. It's amazing how much more success I have when I hold the item in my hands prior to purchase.

    Have fun this weekend! :cutesy:
  11. I ended up buying the clic clac h bracelet the day before the increase. I thought I'd feel guilty spending that amount on an enamel bracelet but I don't. I wear it almost everyday so it's actually a good buy! You wouldn't wear the same scarf daily so that wouldn't be as good of a deal. So maybe the wallet or bracelet.

  12. Yeah. Silly me didn't check to see when the H price increase would be. True that the bracelet and wallet would be daily items.

    Guess the scarf is out of the running. Lol.