SHAWL vs. SCARF? Which do you prefer??

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  1. For me, it's clearly scarves, but that is mostly because I can't wear cashmere, so the shawls are automatically out even though the shape and warmth would be nice.
  2. Totaly shawl girl here....I can't pull off a scarf to save my life. Shawl make me feel cool and chic but for some reasons, wearing a scarf makes me look old. :sad:
  3. I love both.
  4. Well, I started with the scarves and have now got a (too large) collection of those, but I find that of late I am wearing my shawls more. I almost always have one in my purse and I am lucky enough to live in a climate where I can wear them most of the year. So I guess the short answer is - I love them both!
  5. Shawls! They are much more versatile for where I live. Perfect in icy air conditioning during our hot summers and as a cover-up during our mild winters.

    The 90 cm scarves are just too hot and bulky most of the time. I'm finding the 70 cm scarves much more usable.
  6. 90 cm scarves for me; I have a (quickly, too quickly!) growing collection. I love their versatility: I wear them as belts, shoulder wraps and in my hair just as much as around my neck.

    I don't own any shawls, but I'm intrigued by them and have been thinking about buying one for a while; but somehow the ones I've tried on in H stores never looked right on me -- too busy, too bright ... Perhaps if I find a perfect shawl in a perfect color (like Ex Libris in black and white, which I'd love to have), I'll convert to the shawl camp.
  7. Ooooh tough choice! But i would think shawls.. :biggrin:
    Although i love the vivid colours on the scarves more...
  8. Shawl for wearing, but now I'm going on a stole obsession. However, I'm still buying scarves because they are just too beautiful!
  9. I have to say that I love my GM's and sometimes the silk scarves feel too formal and/or bulky. My latest favorite are the Mousselines(140) and I recently bought a jersey and it is so comfortable-its a 'throw on and walk out the door' scarf because of the way it drapes.
  10. SHAWLS!!!

    They're so versatile. I wear them from Fall to Spring. If only there're more prints available, like scarves.
  11. Although my GMs get far more use than the twills .... can't help adding to the twill pile!
  12. Scarves, I love the bright colors and texture of silk, and they are more versatile.
  13. Until few months ago I would have said scarves but now that I'm in love with Etriers shawl in almost all colours I say SHAWL!:yahoo:
  14. I live in workout clothes so I don't get to wear either. I love shawls and scarves equally, but wear shawls more. I must collect the scarves as art.
  15. :lol:I thought so!!:flowers:

    CynthiaNYC:yahoo:Good to "see" you!!!:heart::flowers: