SHAWL vs. SCARF? Which do you prefer??

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  1. Scarves (including pointus, 70's and gavroches) mostly because I love the designs, but my GM's and stoles are very selective pieces:amuse:-80% scarves, 20% (stoles and GM's)!
  2. Shawl girl, all the way.
  3. I love all my 90cm scarves, plisses, twillies, GM mousselines and GM cashmere/silk shawls equally, as each has a different look and serves a different purpose. If you told me I had to choose between my shawls or my scarves, my brain would have a total meltdown, as it simply couldn't be done. Here's to variety! :yahoo:
  4. Shawl for me :biggrin:
  5. have way more scarves than shawls, however shawls are much easier to wear.
  6. I love buying scarfs (carre) but I use my shawls the most.
  7. Shawls. Not sure if it's the shawls per se or just the size. I love the 140cm cashmere and mousseline. Perhaps it's time to try the 140cm carré.
  8. I love both but i suppose i get more use out of scarves - like papertiger i find the shawls very warm so i can only use them in the very cold winter months.
  9. Clearly, I love them all! :nuts:
  10. i love far i only have H shawl but its so amazing how i can wear it in winter time and i tried to tied it as a dress in a tropical island...i cant believe how many compliments that i got from it...people are thinkin its an hermes dress =)

    i want to try the carre 140 though but i heard it only comes in dip dye? pls do let me knw =) and thank you ladies because of you guys i found my grail scarf =)
  11. Shawl for me. i definitely use shawl more, especially indoor with air-cond.
  12. Love looking at scarves... but end up buying / using shawls more.
  13. I love love love my GM shawls! But I recently bought my first jersey scarf and I'm totally mad for them now! So easy, light, casual, and just somehow more modern to me than the regular silk carres. I have quite a few carres, but only wear them occasionally.
  14. BOTH for me! I wear them in totally different ways. But if you asked which I LOVE the most, then it's the GM shawls that make my heart sing the most.
  15. I've stopped buying scarves because I don't wear them, but shawls (and etoles), that's another story... They saved my life last winter when it was freezing, and I just love their versatility.