SHAWL vs. SCARF? Which do you prefer??

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  1. We haven't seen one of these threads in awhile and it's fun to see how are tastes change over the years (ahem, remember the CDC that no one thought they could pull off!!). SO, in honor of changes tastes and growing wardrobes....

    Which are you SHAWL or SCARF?
  2. gm shawl for me, love the versatility:smile:
  3. Shawl
  4. shawl or etole
  5. Shawl for me!

    I love the 70 cms, but the 90s are harder for me to pull off.

    Shawls, however, :love:
  6. #6 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
    Scarf it's so easy to carry and a lot of variations to use.
  7. I love buying scarves, but never seem to wear them. Maybe it's time to try a shawl?
  8. I prefer to wear shawls!
  9. shawl
  10. I get alot more use of my shawl but still cannot help from buying more scarfs!
  11. Scarves I guess, although I luv the look of GMs.

    I am a VERY hot-blooded person :devil: I usually find silk warm enough - and I adore the way it shimmers and the feel makes me feel so good :sunshine::tender:.
  12. I didn't answer my own question..I'm a shawl gal all the way!
  13. #13 Oct 4, 2010
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    Shawl for me ,very versatile and I can wear it in a all seasons, off the shoulder and open to air flow in the summer .tight on the neck, and chest or back ,with a coat or dreamy fur in the winter. scarfs well I love them because of the glossy effect and the weight and tradition and i feel they finish many of my looks but if they made them in larger fuller sizes because I'm sort of a thin longish creature so I like hanging volume and fall effect, I think I would enjoy them more again if they were bigger . What a fun thread wonderful truly
  14. i am a shawl gal, but i love how the carre ties............
    55% shawl, 45% carre

    when it comes to shopping, i love buying carres though:P
    (shawls too ex at times)
  15. Shawl for me as it can get quite cold in the office.