Shawl suggestions?

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  1. I recently was bitten by the square-cashmere-shawl bug, after seeing a lovely tpfr's kantha in the violine colorway. I probably will only get one shawl (yes I know, thats a joke, but just humor me for a while, okay?) so what would be a good one that is - not bright, low intensity, not busy, and works for a severely color-challenged person. (And looks modern and not "French Provincial"). My wardrobe pallet is - charcoal, white, black, clay/stone, blue, lavender (in descending order of frequency). There is no brown, orange, red, yellow or green in my closet (and most likely never will be). So far, the ones which appeal to me are the Kantha (violine colorway) and the one with the keys on it (medium blue background) because I like the blue. Any suggestions or ideas?
  2. I would go for a neutral one.
    Let's say a "jungle love" in oak.
    Or an "early america" in blue or toupe
  3. I am loving the Monsieur et Madame in taupe and brown for spring. It's so soft and lovely! Perfect neutral.
  4. There is also a keys shawl in a beautiful shade of a bluish red - more like raspberry, I guess. It is decidedly not fuchsia, so not bright. It would go nicely with most of your colors, I think.

    I love bright colors, though, so I may have a higher tolerance for them! I would love Monsieur et Madame in the turquoise and white!

    Good luck, let us know which one you decide on.
  5. must it be a print? i bought one called chutney 60 cashmere 40 silk in a dusty violet with contasting stripe (sort of seersucker-ed) of blue..........i can try to post a picture later
  6. Jedi - the Belles du Mexique in the sepia tones is gorgeous if you can still find it.

    I have it in red and I love it - it would be perfect with your wardrobe. I can't find a pic but I think Shopmom has one :yes:
  7. I was just about to suggest Belles du Mexique, but handybags beat me to it! I saw one in a beige colorway at the H Royal Exchange in London a few weeks ago that would totally go with your wardrobe.
  8. Oo:huh::huh:oooo...all these shawls sound so divine!! Can we see some pics of them please?? :love:
  9. I :heart: bright colors too!

    Here's Les Cles in Framboise/Gris



  10. There is also a great thread on shawls!

    Ode to the Shawl

    PS. You won't stop at one!
  11. Oh gee - I havent seen this! I like the idea of a small stripe.

  12. ...yep, I scrolled through that, almost page by page!
  13. What's grabbing you so far Jedi?
  14. I liked the early america in taupe, suggested by costa. However, I havent seen it in the store - is it still in production?

  15. i believe so --i bet your SA could do a search and find it.