Shawl Sharing...

  1. Thanks to all sharing shawl/scarf feedback with me this week. I finally took a pic of the shawl that came home with me... And still thinking about the tweedee...I think I might need a tweedee... I might need a scarf that "connects" black and chocolate as well...but I will see if I use this one before going too crazy!

    LOL...the shawl seems huge when flat...had to clear space and stand on a chair to photograph...
    Hermes Shawl.jpg
  2. that is gorgeous! I need a tweedee too......
  3. Gorgeous, congrats!
  4. gorgeous shawl, SoCal! I love zodiac themed motifs on scarves!
  5. Please share, what is a tweedee?
  6. I think Gigi has one...and kat...there is a pic on the member's item thread...
  7. Gorgeous shawl SoCal and I think it will match perfectly with your black Birkin w/ gold hardware!
  8. Thanks, all! :flowers:

    LaVan...That is exactly what sold me on this shawl! I was carrying the birkin and they complimented each other... :yes:
  9. It's lovely! Congrats and enjoy!
  10. Lovely shawl,:flowers:
  11. Gorgeous!!! :nuts:
  12. Your shawl is so beautiful, SoCal! It's a very neutral combo but still has a lot of interest in it. Any chance of a pic with you wearing it? I've been lusting after a shawl but I'm sure I have no idea how to wear it. :s
  13. That's a great shawl!!! Wear it in health.
  14. Xquisite...Will play with it a bit once my fall things come out...and take a pic!

    Thanks again, all! :flowers:
  15. That's a beautiful shawl, SoCal! :yes: :yahoo: So many new shawls on the board lately! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: