Shawl Scarf Ring

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  1. I'm not sure if this is horn or something else. The SA at NM told me it was tortoise, but I know that's not right. I'm thinking horn -- but maybe someone can help me ID this lovely find. I was wearing my Les Capucines shawl yesterday and used it right away. I really like it. The box is pretty useless -- it says "bleu canard." There was white sticker covering the label.

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  2. You are correct, it is horn - and it is great! I love that each is a bit different from the other. Did you get a GM shawl to fit into it? I have several rings in this style and never thought of trying them on a shawl!
  3. I was wearing the shawl while shopping yesterday as a neck scarf. I found that it secured the shawl and I didn't have to worry about losing it someplace. It is so lightweight, unlike the heavier colored ones. I was thrilled to see it at Neiman Marcus. I never saw it there before. Here are some photos of the shawl, but no modelling pictures...

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  4. Oh, I LOVE this one! I've tried it on a couple of times, each time I hesitated and someone else snapped it up. Wonderful - and thanks for the hint on the scarf ring - I'll try it next time I wear a shawl around my neck!!

  5. Would you please measure the scarf/shawl ring and post the dimensions. Thanks!
  6. Loooooooove this scarf ring! Fabulous!!! :heart:

  7. BBL, I've been after one of these for ages, but there are none in the UK at all :crybaby: Were there any more and do they ship internationally do you know? I would be grateful if you could let me know as I am now very envious :nuts: You are a lucky lady. Thanks.
  8. I go to that store frequently and never saw it before. I think someone had returned it, because it has some tiny scratches and the box didn't match. My lucky day it turned out! I don't think Neiman Marcus ships to UK. I can call my SA and see if any other store has it. She didn't even know what it was. She said it was tortoise shell and I knew / hoped it was horn.

  9. Not to worry BBL, the search will continue! :wlae: One day I will find one, as they say, good things come to those who wait ;)
  10. I'm looking for some rings for my 70cm vintage silk scarves...originally wanted the palladium and permabrass chaine d'ancre style rings, but heard they are quite heavy, so I thought they would slide off the vintage silk.

    Are these enamel? Plastic? Are they lightweight? Thanks ;)

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  11. Thankfully tortoise shell was banned eons ago.

  12. No, these rings are enamelled metal and are quite heavy. Although I have a lot of scarf rings, these are the only type that I don't have. Perhaps the cosmos would be more suitable? I have also tried a Gavroche ring, but they can be quite tight depending on your fold.
  13. Agree with cvw1004, these are no much different in weight with the chaine d'ancre rings.

    You could try the Evelyne style or Cosmos as suggested.


  14. The Evelyne is the next on my list, but I do like the Cosmos as I find it quite versatile. You can either put each end of the scarf through either side of the ring or put both ends through the middle - if you see what I mean? Also, there was a new ring this year which has a lovely little charm on it, I think that would probably be OK too, but it is not as versatile as it really can only be worn one way. I think the Cosmos comes in two sizes though, so if you are tempted, make sure you get the smaller one, as I believe the larger one is for shawls.