Shawl lovers, please help

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  1. image.png image.png Hi All!
    In next two weeks I really would like to purchase my first shawl. I was eying a Monogram shawl in Cappuccino colour but today I also noticed a new Monogram Shine Shawl colour that I like. I plan to go to the shop to see both colours IRL but I was wondering what pros/cons (eg, practicality, things to be aware of) each type (Monogram vs Monogram Shine Shawl) has in your opinion. Maybe which one you would pick if you could pick just one? Any help would be highly appreciated.
  2. I think the Shine is dressier so it depends on your style. Also, go see them and try them on. I went in with the idea of what color I was getting. My lovely SA went out into the center of the mall with me where there was more natural light versus the artificial light in the store. What I thought I wanted was not flattering to my skin tone in natural light. So I went with one that was not my radar.
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  3. Thank you! I didn't think about the suitability to my skin colour.
  4. Shine shawl is definitely dressier but it is also not as delicate as the monogram version. So that is also something to keep in mind. As much as I love the verone color of my monogram shawl (this genius neutral color goes with everything) I bought two shine shawls afterwards and they are easier to maintain. On the other hand, it is a big shawl and some snagging and pilling is not obvious at all when you wear it.
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  5. I prefer the regular monogram as opposed to the shine because it's softer and more comfortable feeling. I find the shine shawl is stiffer and doesn't feel as lux.
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  6. Huge thanks! I start to think that the Shine Shawl might be the one as I would prefer something that is less delicate (although I am aware that none of these shawl are indestructible).
  7. Many thanks! Softness is definitely a plus