shawl confused

  1. I think my next purchase would be a shawl that I can wear very casually. Now I've been checking out the site and I'm a bit confused. There are so many styles that look alike to me:
    Chale monogram
    Chale monogram denim
    Chale monogram romantique
    Chale monogram lurex

    What's the difference between those? Please post pics if you have one of these.

    What shawl would you guys suggest for me to buy? I would love to get a grey or black or light pink one to wear very casual. I don't like it of the logo's are very obvious.
  2. I have the black mono shawl I adore it I also have a dressy black glitter shawl that it gorgeous too.

    I think I may go for a mono lurex next it has a beautiful shimmery metallic effect, or maybe another colour in the mono shawl.

    I have some pics I'll dig them out hold tight
  3. Ok this is the glitter shawl this is not really a casual shawl but it's goregous looks much better IRL
    Black Shawl Worn 1.jpg Black Shawl worn 2.jpg Shirley 1.jpg Shirley 2.jpg
  4. here is my black shawl worn with jeans and white vest T I've posted these pics tons so please forgive me here we ago once again LOL

  5. ahh label whenever i see your pics it makes me want that mono black shawl. *drools*

    o yea...also i was gonna say to go for the shawl that label is wearing with her jeans but i just saw that you dont want obvious logos. Thats actually the only shawl from LV that i really like or know of. T_T sorry im of no help.
  6. Very cute!
  7. i want a shawl now! darn. Label wears it so well.
  8. Thanks so much allready!

    I really like the one you posted with the dentelle. But it still seems there's a little shine on it. Is it the colour or that type of shawl?

    That is the 'chale monogram' isn't it?

    Still figuring out what's different
  9. I think it is , yes.

    There is a little shine it's two tone black on black so in the 3rd pic you see a lot of detail because the sun was shining but I'd say thsi may be the best option if you don't want the logo to be too obvious as the others the contarst is now evident.

    If you can go to a store I'd recommend it because the shawls look very different IRL
  10. ^^^

    That's my problem: I can't go to a store to check it out anytime soon...

    Thanks for the help! Does that black one come in gray too?
  11. so there's no one who knows the difference between those lines?:confused1:
  12. I have a Monogram Shawl in Champagne. The Logos on that one are less obvious than on the others. I have a Monogram Lurex Shawl in brown, which I think might be a bit more "sturdy" than the other shawls. And I have two Monogram Denim Shawls. One in black and one in rose. The Monogram is pretty obvious on the Lurex and Denim shawls. I also bought two shawls called "Etole Jali" recently (Khaki and brown). They are 70% Cashmere and 30% Silk. I wear them a lot, because they are very discreet, they have the logos on the border, but in the same color. I don't have any modelling pics though, only some very crappy pics. But I'll post them anyway.
    Bild 021.jpg Taschen&Co 011.jpg Taschen&Co 022.jpg
  13. ^^^thank you!

    Maybe the romantique shawls just are about different colours and are actally the same as the monogram shawls?

    I like that champagne colour and I checked the Jali on the site :tup:
  14. the shawl looks boootiful. I want one toooo!!
  15. label:

    The shawl you were wearing in a casual way. Is it a huge square (not rectangle, but equal distance on all edges square) and you had to fold it diagnally and turn the shawl into a big triangle before you put it on? Or did you just simply put the huge square on. Or did I just get everything wrong? LOL

    Sorry for so many questions. I found a link on elux, and was wondering if this is the same one you had on.