1. In one of my classes, I've noticed there is a girl who doesn't shave and often wears skirts and capris. :weird: I hate to sound judgemental, but I've never seen any girl walk around with her legs showing and not shaved. Has anyone else seen this? Any opinions? :huh:
  2. Its quite common in parts of Europe. My personal preference is hairless- but I just got done going thru laser hair removal to remove the ape fur from my arms, so I am pretty biased. ;)
  3. You have not traveled to Berkley, Calif, have you/ LOL
  4. i've never shaved my legs before, but that's just because i'm blessed with invisible body hair :lol: and have no need.......but i've heard it's a pain and if i needed to i dont' know if i'd stop being lazy long enough to actually do it........but i don't think i've actually ever seen a woman with unshaven legs....i wonder what that looks like :blink:
  5. Nope, never been in CA.

    JC, she's not very hairy. Like a man looks like or anything. It's just semi noticable from a distance and medium noticable close up.
  6. if it's semi noticable from a distance she must be decently hairy.....i do remember i had a friend with really really really really hairy arms, and it was kinda like seeing a gorilla arm :lol:.........was kinda weird and i remember thinking, doesn't she get hot in the summer? :P
  7. JC,
    Have we met before?? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. ohhhh no i hope i don't offend people who have hairy arms :sad:.........i guess i'm just weirded out by body hair since i don't really have any.....i'm always pulling my boyfriend's body hairs and trying to rip them out cuz i find them strange :lol:
  9. ^^^I hope this doesn't sound mean or shallow, but where do you see these women with ape like arms? I've seen women with a little arm hair, but I've never seen a girl with really hairy arms.
  10. mostly in school......high school had a few girls like that (we went to an all girl school so i guess they just forewent the waxings :P), and just random ppl in college and grad school......never anywhere else tho :biggrin:

    and purselova you know you're too nice to sound mean or shallow...
  11. NP! I thought it was hilarious!!! :lol:
  12. Well about six months ago you could have seen mine! :lol:

    I have always had hair on my arms, but the hair was light in color until I got into my 30s. Then it progressively got darker. That's when I decided I wanted to be rid of it.
  13. :amuse: Thank you. I guess everyone's hair just grows differently.
  14. And you got rid of it with a laser method? Did it it hurt? :amazed:
  15. it really does.......i've seen girls with arm hair that's so thick it looks like it should be brushed......

    and roo i'd be interested in hearing if you got laser removal too.....i've been thinking about it for my eyebrows :shame: