Shaving with personal lubricant?

  1. I was watching something on celebrity beauty secrets, and they hinted at the benefits of shaving your legs with specifically KY warming liquid.

    How, exactly, does it benefit your skin? I can't for the life of me, find anything about it.
  2. Hmmm maybe it allows the blades to get closer to the skin and get a better shave? The warming element could soften the hair follicle??

    LOL Other than that I have no idea! :smile:
  3. LOL! I'd never thought of that before! But why? I mean, I'm sure there's a reason why it's a personal lubricant and not a shaving cream. Wouldn't hurt to try it though. Tell us how it goes!

  4. yes, I think the warming softens the hair follicle. that is why they always suggest waiting a couple of minutes before shaving. For the closest shave, the follices need to warm and soften.
  5. That is a good idea and I would never have thought of that. Please let us know how it worked out.
  6. You get the same effect by either shaving during or after your shower or buying a Conair hot lather machine. For those who don't know, the Conair hot lather machine is a device that you stick your can of shaving cream into and plug in. It warms up your shaving cream and dispenses it nice and hot.

    I think shaving with KY Warming Lube would get a bit expensive over time.
  7. LOL Canada has very interesting tv.
  8. I haven't tried it yet. (Too expensive for me right now) but when I do, I'll give a report.

    Of course, if anyone else has any around for *ahem* personal use and would like to try it first, please feel free!
  9. i am a fan of alternative uses for products but this one has me a little bit perplexed. hair conditioner is good for shaving your legs if your in a rush though becaue you dont need to moisturise after.
  10. Oooh, great idea, cherry pie! I'll give that a try when I run out of shaving mousse. Somehow I always forget to buy a new can when I run out :sweatdrop:
  11. I use lotions that I get bored of wearing. I always have lotion left over once I'm done w/ the body spray.
  12. I also find that hair conditioner works best for shaving legs! Don't know if I'll break out the KY for shaving LOL:roflmfao: .
  13. I started shaving with a gentle scrub. My favorite is salt and olive oil. Gently scrub your legs a little then shave it off. Your legs will never be smoother and my shaving irritation is gone. I used to get little ingrown hairs. Try it, you wont be disapointed!