Shaving vs. Waxing (bikini)

  1. Talk about indecision. :rolleyes:

    Usually I wax my bikini area, but haven't gotten it done yet this summer. Needless to say, something needs to be done soon, LOL. But, I tend to get ingrown hairs and my pores look dirty after a few days...

    BUT, this year, I'm thinking of shaving instead. I've never tried it regularly in the past "down there". Whenever I have tried it, I tend to get really bad bumps. If I start to shave regularly, will this eventually go away and get better? Anything I can do to lessen the nasty bumps? It almost turns into a heat rash type thing....

    So, of those of you that have done both, which do you recommend?
  2. Have you thought about spending a little bit of extra money and getting laser done instead?

    In my experience, though waxing gives me ingrown hairs shaving is 1,000 worse!!! So at this point I am considering doing laser, I think in the long run it will definitely be worth the money.
  3. From what I understand, you'll have more of a problem with ingrown hairs through shaving rather than waxing...
  4. use this product called Tend Skin after you wax/shave. it REALLY HELPS prevent bumps/ingrowns. i highly recommend it!
  5. here on Tend Skin!! :tup::tup::tup:

    I use it both before and after I get my waxings. It literally makes any ingrowns pop out within minutes.


    Take it from someone who has thick, wavy hair...a package deal, sorry if TMI!! :sweatdrop: It is so worth going in for bikini waxings rather than shaving. Over the years the hairs grow back less thick and less often. I time my waxings after 'that time of the month' when my skin isn't so sensitive. Getting a bikini wax when you are PMS'ing is not a good idea, HTH!
  6. Where can you buy this?
  7. it's good stuff! promise :smile:
  8. I had mine lasered and am sooo happy! Before that I had to wax or use an epilator. Shaving just left me with nasty rashy bumps because my skin is really sensitive.
  9. What I like about the tend skin bottle is it has a tiny squirt bottle opening. So, you don't get an excess amount every time you put some on a cotton ball.
  10. Here is another vote for Tend Skin! Amazing stuff.
  11. I'm considering getting mine lasered too, but I'm afraid it will hurt too much. I'm doing my underarms at the moment, and while it's bearable, I can't imagine that pain down there :push: How did you find it?
  12. sorry to bump this thread, but I didn't realize that they "lasered" down there....
  13. I never really had a problem with ingrown hairs down there, but I did used to get red bumps, etc from shaving...But now that I started doing it every few days rather than everyday it's gotten a lot better! Now I NEVER get bumps!