Shaved side of head on women ala Cassie, etc.

  1. Has anyone ever rocked this style or currently does? I am seriously contemplating it. My hair is 6-8 inches past my shoulders. I used to have short hair for years, which I actually loved, but I decided to grow it out just to try something new. I liked my hair short because I could style it on the edgy side. With long hair I feel like it's so boring but I am not so ready to cut my hair off again.

    What does everyone think of this look? I wouldn't want it shaved too close and not big of a huge chunk. Thinking of leaving longer hair above which I could put down and cover the shaved section if need be. If I want the shaved section visible then I'd tuck the hair behind my ear or flip it on the other side of my head.



    Love this one [​IMG]

    and really love this [​IMG]
  2. I think it depends how old you are. If you are younger and don't have a job where it would be a problem; go for it!

    I would never do it though because if I regretted it or got tired of it, you'd be forced to have a REALLY short hair style for a very long time.
  3. Definitely depends on your style. If you like it, go for it! As long as you own your look, it will look good. I like the last girl's cut best.
  4. I agree that this is only a style you can get away with if you are quite young and are not working in a conservative industry. However, I am a big fan of experimentation and did quite a lot of it when I was younger. It is ultimately just hair, and if you want to give it a try then do it now while (I am assuming) you are young because it will be far more difficult to pull off when you are over 25.
  5. Well I am 31, so not really that young. I appear younger than I am though or so most people say so. My style is rocker-chicish. I work for a horse trainer and always am wearing a hat or helmet when down at the barn, so definitely not working for a conservative company. They probably wouldn't even see it. Most clients hardly ever see my hair when styled.

    Oh and I guess this hairstyle has a name: undercut
  6. I don't like Cassie's haircut one bit, such a shame.
    But I like the look in the last picture!

    Personally, I find it more suitable for ladies in their early 20's, but like other posters said: it all depends on your work/ lifestyle. If you like it, than rock it!

    Edit: Oh, and to add another thing. Don't do it b/c you think it is in style. It actually was in style a few years ago, and more and more people started doing it. If you don't like that stigma don't do it, if you don't care, all the power to you!
  7. I used to do that when i was in high school in the 90s. i had mine done top of the ears down.
  8. I guess I am in the minority here but I hate the look. I guess if one is edgy and works in a environment where they can rock it more power to them. I kind of think this was more of a fad from the 90's. I really can't say I see anything attractive about it. My friends daughter had a short layered cut on one side of her head about 20 years ago-the other side was kind of like a graduated bob. I have to say it was one of the most horrible cuts I have ever seen. She looked so cute when you saw her from the side of the bob but once she turned her head you just went WTF did she do. She regretted the cut as soon as she walked out of the salon and got the other side layered to match up that same month. I think too many people made fun of her hair and it made her uncomfortable.
  9. not a fan.. seems very 90's grunge rock to me..
  10. Reminds me of Liz & Spike from Degrassi, but a cop-out version. I think some can pull it off, but they're few and far between.
  11. Of the photos you posted, I think the only one who truly pulls it off is the last girl.

    Hell, if you work in a barn for a living... do it. imagine how much more comfortable you'll be under the helmet! lol
  12. hmm to be honest i'm not loving it but i consider myself more conservative i guess. if you think you can rock it and you want it--you should go for it! life is too short not to do what you want :tup:

    ETA: it's hair, it always grows back!
  13. I've seen some girls rocking this look and it looks really good. Other girls... not so much. I think it really depends on how it is cut and how you feminine your face is.
  14. ITA your face has a lot to do with it. Hell some girls are so pretty they can be bald (ex: amber rose)

    I think if you like it and your job allows it go for it.
  15. I have an appt tomorrow with my hair stylist. I'll she what she says about it and if I have the right kind of hair to have this style. :smile: