Shauna Sand in 20 years....LOLOLOL

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  1. ANGELYNE!!!


    Next to In-N-Out (see below), Angelyne is my favorite thing about Los Angeles. The Billboard Queen proves that just because you're 150, doesn't mean you have to dress like it!
    Angelyne is truly a precious daffodil blowing in the summer breeze. The only thing missing from her luxurious ensemble is a pair of Shauna Sand's exquisite lucite heels.

    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
  2. oh dear lord
  3. My oh my......... the words to describe have escaped me.....
  4. :wtf:
  5. I am unaware of who this woman is, but... oh my.
  6. OMG. My eyes. Noooooooooooo
  7. Angeline looks better than Shauna Sand.
  8. Wth is she wearing? :wtf::throwup:
  9. lol..... oh those billboards I use to see of her when growing up. I wonder if she is still cruising around in her pink corvette.:P
  10. Oh my!
  11. Who is she?
  12. Who is she? Plus she needs to cover herself up b/c my eyes burn now! :wtf: But at least she has some panties on, so I didn't go blind!
  13. Wow, that's the type of thing you only see in LA or Vegas. I love both places, but you see some crazy stuff.
  14. I LOVE In-N-Out, but this almost ruined it for me............
  15. Wow something about those pictures...I can't turn away! I want to but can't!