Shauna Sand & Her 3 Little Daughters

  1. [​IMG]
    America's favorite Lucite platform heel-wearing mom, Shauna Sand, trotted out her adorable little mini-me daughters to prance for a Kitson fashion show in Hollywood on Thursday. Baby's first lip liner!

  2. [​IMG]
    Cameras caught the Playboy model shopping for Christmas decorations with her daughters -- in an outfit ideally suited for a soccer mom ... or anyone whose work uniform involves a G-string and acrylic heels. On a positive note: Thank heaven she finally took off those whore-iffic Lucite platforms!
  3. Is that Lorenzo Lamas' ex?
  4. yes, that is his ex
  5. I'm worried about those girls!!
  6. That woman dresses incredibly trashy. I don't know why, she is a mother of three. Maybe it's because she thinks she is sexy dressed that way.
  7. first victoria beckham, now her?

    damn it, Im getting three kids!! lol

    and anyway, who is she?

  8. they look like twins
  9. Hell I thought Shauna looked like the "girl next door" next to that crazy looking chick!

  10. she is a living doll? thats her profession?
  11. how on earth can she walk in those shoes?
  12. WTH do those girls have on makeup in the first picture??? How old's the oldest?? 8??
  13. there are no words...except