Shauna Moakler Black dress HER Luau at the Mansion

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. She looks pretty when she wants to. I like her shoes, but her fingernails look like plastic press on nails.
  3. She looks gorgeous!I like her dress!
  4. She looks pretty even though her hair is a little too pouf for my taste lol.
  5. I think she is adorable.:tup:
  6. I agree... it's definately a little on the peacock side lol. But besides that she looks great!
  7. She looks good, like the shoes...
  8. She looks great, but she doesn't need all that makeup.
  9. i LOVE her soo much meet the barkers was my fav show ever

    its actually Shanna though :smile:
    (pronounced like shea Na)
  10. She is really pretty but I think she has to much make-up on.
  11. Not digging her hair.
  12. No idea who she is - her hair is too puffed up.
  13. she looks amazing.
  14. Waay too much eye makeup, hair's wayyy too big, and the nails are just OTT. Other than that, she looks OK -- pretty dress!
  15. Not a fan of her at all.