Sharpie N/s Modelin Pics!

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    So I have the Sharpie brown tote..the SHARPIE FLAP QUILTED,and now this NS tote..Is it SICK that im DYING to get the frame sharpie quilted bag too??LOL!?????
    Anyone know if the leather frame sharpie comes in other more black for JILL!LMAO!
    I want the frame bag but I want it in leather..I saw the hairy ones(NO LIKEY!):yucky:....hehe!
    so am i nuts to get a frame one too or is it toooo much like my flap?
  2. Hmmm I say get a frame one!
  3. Jill, love the N/S sharpie on you and you look beautiful as usual! If I were you, I probably would pass on the frame sharpei, I think the size looks kinda odd, just my opinion though. But if you love it, you should definitely get it.
  4. Love it! My next bag will be Sharpei!
  5. ^its NOT the HUMONGOUS frame bag I like,its the one that is a tad bigger than the Flap I have...
  6. ooohhhh... i love the N/S sharpie!! it looks really great on u.. :love:
  7. OMG!!!! Love it!!!
  8. Very cute Jill!
  9. The bag looks awesome on you!
  10. you need to get the frame bag to complete your sharpei obsession (!!) but i don't know what colors it comes in the leather. i LOVE LOVE the hairy (pony) one :lol:.
  11. Jill, I love it!
  12. That bag looks gorgeous on you! I was at the Saks trunk show today and saw a whole case of sharpeys and thought of you :p
  13. I like the quilted sharpey, and it looks so great on you.
  14. loves it
    i am eyeing the shapei flap
  15. OMG.... it looks so gret on you!!!!!