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  1. Has anyone seen or have purchased the new shapey handbag yet? What do you think?
  2. I saw one at NM Palo Alto, CA on Monday when I picked up my expandable tote. The Sharpey is beautiful but I preferred the expandable.
  3. I think it's overpriced.
  4. It seems the lambskin of the Sharpey is easily to get scratched...
  5. I think Jill has one and posted photos some time ago. It looked nice on her.
  6. I had one, but I sent it back. I don't think it's durable enough for everyday use, not for me anyway. For $3350 plus tax, it shouldn't just sit in the closet. The bag with its ultra-soft lambskin is gorgeous, and the quilted interior lining is TDF. I wish is was cheaper, then I would've kept it!
  7. I have one in black and ADORE it..howver I do agree ....the leather is too fragile for everyday use....and the price is STEEP.
    My SA just called me to get the brown one and I think Ill buy the expandable in the tote version over this sharpey due to the price AND the fragile leather.
  8. I have the black tote and I really love it, the look, the weight, the leather. I rotate bags a lot and I'm careful, so I'm just using it and not worrying, since it's already mine. I do think it was too expensive, and if I had it to do over, I might just go with one of the quilted Sharpey versions in a different leather OR get a second expandable tote (the bag "deal" of the season, given the alternatives) OR get a north-south black MC tote instead. But the Sharpey is a beautiful bag, no question.
  9. Yup I love the sharpey!
  10. It is a beautiful bag, but I agree with everyone else the bag is way too fragile for everyday use (the lambskin is supersoft) and it is way too expensive for a tote.
  11. Hi I have ,I thought it was very pretty but 2 small and deleicate for me -Fran
  12. I looooove the look of the Sharpey tote. Like everyone said though, it's the size and shape of a bag I would want to use on a daily basis, but it's too delicate to do that.
  13. Go to check out chanel stores in a few weeks, they will be receiving sharpey flap ones. I love its lambskin leather and texture of this bag. :yes:
  14. Just posted some sharpey photos in my post "sad, sad, sharpey story". Yes I am crazzzy about it. To hell with practicallity, i say